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EDWARD HAZEN (d. 1683) of Rowley m. Hannah Grant
SARAH HAZEN (1673 - 1705) m. Daniel Wicom

Generation 1

EDWARD HAZEN (d. 1683) of Rowley

Parents: Unknown

Edward Hazen was buried on 22 Jul 1683 in Rowley. [Ref] He married Elizabeth Unknown. She was buried on 18 Sep 1649 in Rowley. [Ref] He married second Hannah Grant in Mar 1650. [Ref]

Edward was a selectman in Rowley in 1650, 1651, 1654, 1660, 1665 and 1668. [Ref]

Children of Edward Hazen and Hannah Grant:

  1. Elizabeth Hazen was born on 8 Mar 1650/1. [Ref] She married Nathaniel, the son of John and Bridget Harris of Rowley, on 1 Apr 1670. [Ref]
  2. Hannah Hazen was born in Sep 1653. [Ref] She died before 1683. [Ref] She married William Gibson. [Ref]
  3. John Hazen was born on 22 Sep 1655. [Ref] He probably died without issue. [Ref]
  4. Thomas Hazen was born on 29 Feb 1657/8. [Ref] He died on 12 Apr 1735 in Norwich. [Ref] He married Mary, the daughter of Thomas Howlett, on 1 Jan 1682/3. [Ref] They had 11 children. [Ref]
    Thomas owned a farm in Rowley at the time of is father's death. [Ref] He was a freeman on 22 Mar 1689/90 in Boxford. [Ref] He was dismissed from the church in Topsfield to become a member of the church in Boxfield in 1702. [Ref] In 1711 he moved to the part of Norwich called West Farms (now Franklin). [Ref]
  5. Edward Hazen was born on 10 Sep 1660. [Ref] He died in 1748. [Ref] He married Jane, the daughter of John and Jane (Crosby) Pickard on 6 Nov 1684. [Ref] They had eight children. [Ref]
  6. Isabel Hazen was born on 21 Jul 1662. [Ref] She married John, the son of Thomas and Ann Wood of Boxford, on 16 Jan 1680. [Ref]
  7. Priscilla Hazen was born on 25 Nov 1664. [Ref] She married Jeremiah, the son of John and Dorcas Pearson of Rowley, on 21 Jul 1681. [Ref]
  8. Edney Hazen was born on 20 Jun 1667. [Ref] She married Timothy, the son of Rev. William and Elizabeth (Wooten) Perkins of Topsfield, on 2 Aug 1686. [Ref]
  9. Richard Hazen was born on 6 Aug 1669. [Ref] He died on 25 Sep 1733 in Haverhill. [Ref] He married first Mary Peabody on 5 Dec 1694. [Ref] She died on 13 Dec 1731. [Ref] He married second Mrs. Grace Kimball on 3 Apr 1733. [Ref] Richard and Mary had 11 children. [Ref]
    Richard was adopted by his stepfather, who left him his large estate. [Ref]
    some descendants of Richard Hazen
  10. Hiphzebeth Hazen was born on 22 Dec 1671. [Ref] She [?] died on 29 Nov 1689 in Rowley. [Ref]
  11. Sarah Hazen was born on 22 Aug 1673. She married Daniel Wicom.

Generation 2

SARAH HAZEN (1673 - 1705)

Parents: Edward Hazen and Hannah Grant

Sarah Hazen was born on 22 Aug 1673. [Ref] She died on 9 Apr 1705 and is buried in the Old Cemetery in Rowley. [Ref] She married Daniel Wicom of Rowley on 27 Jun 1690. [Ref]

Sarah's gravestone is number 301 in Row 4, East 1. The inscription reads, "Sarah the Wife of Daniel Wicom died April ye 9th 1705 & in ye 33d year of Har age A tender Mother A prudent wife At Gods command resind her life."


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