Some Descendants of Richard Hazen (Edward) and Mary Peabody

  1. Hannah Hazen married James Osgood. [Ref, pp. 26-7] James was the son of Samuel Osgood, the grandson of John Osgood and the greatgrandson of John Osgood. [Ref, pp. 26-7] He was born in 1707. [Ref, pp. 26-7] he died on 6 Apr 1757 in Concord, New Hampshire. [Ref, pp. 26-7]
    1. Anna Osgood was born on 12 Jul 1732. [Ref, pp. 26-7] She died on 26 Jan 1809. [Ref, pp. 26-7] She married Col. Thomas Stickney. [Ref, pp. 26-7]