Descendants of Capt. John Peabody (Francis) and Hannah Andrews (Robert) of Boxford and Topsfield

  1. (conjectured son) Isaac Peabody married Sarah Unknown.
    1. Hepzibah Peabody was born on 25 May 1709 in Topsfield. [Ref] She married Ephraim Wildes on 31 Jan 1730/1 in Topsfield. [Ref]
      1. Hepzibah Wildes was born on 28 Nov 1746 in Topsfield. [Ref] She married as his second wife Lot Conant of Ipswich on 4 Jun 1786 in Topsfield. [Ref]
  2. Mary Peabody died on 13 Dec 1731. [Ref] She married Richard Hazen on 5 Dec 1694. [Ref]