The DOANE Family of Eastham, Barnstable, MA


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Unknown Doane
DEA. JOHN DOANE (b. abt 1590) of Eastham
MARTHA DOANE (d. 1633) m. Joseph Harding
EPHRAIM DOANE of Eastham m. Mary Knowles

PATIENCE DOANE (1682 - aft 1746) was the wife of Joshua Cook


Generation 1

DEA. JOHN DOANE of Eastham


Dea. John Doane was born about 1590. [Ref] He married Abigail Unknown. [Ref]

He was one of the first seven settlers of Eastham. [Ref] He was an of Eastham on 22 May 1655. [Ref]

Mr. John Doane received a portion to keep and bring up Mary Brown until she was 17. On 10 Oct 1644, the term expired, he returned two cows and their offspring to John Brown of Duxbury. [Ref]

On 14 Feb 1633/4 John Coomb, gentleman, sold a house on the west of Herring Weir to John Doane for £9 10s. [Ref]

Mr John Done is in the Plymouth section of the 1643 list of those between 16 and 60 able to bear arms in Plymouth Colony. [Ref]

John Doane was an inhabitant of Eastham on 22 May 1655. [Ref]

Children of John Doane. Their names are given in Hamlin [Ref].

  1. Abigail Doane was born on 29 Jan 1632. [Ref, p. 40] She died in 1734. [Ref, p. 40] She married Samuel Lothrop in 1690. [Ref, p. 40] Samuel was the son of Rev. John Lothrop. [Ref, p. 38-40]
    "The following notice of the second Mrs. Lothrop is found in Miss Caulkins' history of Norwich: 'On her hundreth birthday a large audience asscmbled at her house, and a sermon was preached by the pastor of the church. At this time she retained in a great degree the intelligence and vivacity of her earlier years. At the time of her decease the descendants of her husband amounted to 365.'" [Ref, p. 40]
  2. John Doane married Hannah Bangs on 30 Apr 1662. [Ref] John and Hannah had six children. [Ref] John Doane, Jr. was admitted as an inhabitant of Eastham before 1675. [Ref] A John Doane and a John Doane, Jr. were residents of Eastham in 1695. [Ref]
    some descendants of John Doane
  3. Daniel Doane married Hepsibeth Cole. [Ref] Daniel Doane, Sr. was admitted as an inhabitant of Eastham before 1675. [Ref]
    some descendants of Daniel Doane
  4. Ephraim Doane married Mary Knowles.
  5. Daughter Doane (maybe Abigail) married Samuel Hicks. [Ref] They had two children. [Ref]

John Doane married Rebecca Pette on 14 Jan 1684. [Ref]

Susannah Doane married Joseph, the son of Joseph Rogers, on 4 Feb 1660. [Ref]

Hezekiah Doane married Hannah. [Ref]

Samuel Doane married Martha Hamblen of Barnstable on 30 Dec 1696. [Ref]

MARTHA DOANE (d. 1633)


The widow Martha Harding who died in 1633 was probably the sister of Dea. John Doane. [Ref] She married Joseph Harding 1.

Martha emigrated to England in 1632 and settled in Plymouth. [Ref] The Widow Harding was assessed nine shillings on 25 Mar 1633 in Plymouth. [Ref]

Martha Harding died intestate. Inventory on her estate was taken on 8 Oct 1633 and presented on 28 Oct 1633 in court at Plymouth by James Hurst and John Doane. Her estate amounted to £20.18.06 and she had debts of 20.00.00 John Doane was executor. She left a son in the custody of John Doane. [Ref][Ref, 1;82-83] Disbursements were made to two of her husband's brothers in England. [Ref]

Generation 2


Parents: Dea. John Doane [Ref, p. 14] and Abigail Unknown

Ephraim Doane married Mary Knowles on 5 Feb 1667 [Ref, p. 14, only gives the year] in Eastham. [Ref, 6;13][Ref]

Children of Ephraim Doane and Mary Knowles:

  1. Patience Doane was born on 23 Jan 1668 in Eastham. [Ref, 6;13][Ref] She died in 1675 in Eastham. [Ref]
  2. Apphia Doane was born on 18 Jul 1670 in Eastham. [Ref, 6;13][Ref]
  3. Hezekiah Doane was born in the last week of Aug 1672 in Eastham. [Ref, 6;13][Ref, only gives the month]
    some descendants of Hezekiah Doane
  4. Thomas Doane was born on 4 Sep 1674 in Eastham. [Ref, 6;13][Ref] It is conjectured that he is the Thomas who married Patience Mulford. [Ref, p. 7]
    some descendants of Thomas Doane
  5. Ebenezer Doane was born in Apr 1676 in Eastham. [Ref, 6;13][Ref]
  6. Nehemiah Doane was born in Aug 1680 in Eastham. [Ref, 6;13, 1670 [!]][Ref] He died in Feb 1684 in Eastham. [Ref, 6;13, 1674 [!]][Ref]
  7. Patience Doane was born the last week in Apr 1682 in Eastham. She married Joshua Cook.
  8. Reuhama Doane was born on 30 Apr 1685 in Eastham. [Ref, 6;13][Ref]

Generation 3

PATIENCE DOANE (1682 - aft 1746)

Parents: Ephraim Doane and Mary Knowles

Patience Doane was born the last week in Apr 1682 in Eastham. [Ref, 6;13][Ref, only gives the month][Ref] She died after 28 Sep 1746. She married Joshua Cook on 7 Feb 1705/6 in Eastham. [Ref, 6;15][Ref]

Patience was admitted to the Haddam Neck Congregational Church in Connecticut on 28 Sep 1746. [Ref] She was of that part of Middletown that was later Chatham and is now East Hampton. [Ref]


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