The BATES Family of Boston, Suffolk, MA


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EDWARD BATES of Boston m. LYDIA UNKNOWN (d. 1704)
JOHN BATES (bp. 1642 - 1722) m. Mary Farwell
SARAH BATES (c. 1677 - 1735) m. Sgt. Benjamin Butterfield

Generation 1


Parents: Unknown

Edward Bates married Lydia Unknown. [Ref, 1;45]

Children of Edward Bates and Lydia Unknown:

  1. John Bates was baptised on 23 Jan 1641/2 in Boston. He died on 11 Apr 1722 in Chelmsford. He married Mary Farwell.


Parents: Farwell conjectures that she might have been the daughter of Richard Fairbanks, who was baptised on 13 Jun 1622 in Boston, England. [Ref, p. 45]

Lydia Unknown died on 12 Oct 1704. [Ref] She married first Edward Bates. [Ref, 1;45] She married second William Fletcher 7 Oct 1645 [Ref, 1;45] in Concord. [Ref]


Generation 2

JOHN BATES (bp. 1642 - 1722)

Parents: Edward Bates and Lydia Unknown [Ref, 1;44]

John Bates was baptised on 23 Jan 1641/2 in the First Church of Boston. [Ref, 1;45] He died on 11 Apr 1722 in Chelmsford. [Ref, 1;45] He married Mary Farwell on 22 Dec 1665. [Ref, 1;45] in Chelmsford. [Ref]

He may be the John Bates who owned a farm to the north of Keyes Pond in Westford. [Ref, p. 11]

In his will, dated 18 Jul 1716, John Bates called himself a cooper. [Ref, 1;44]

Children of John Bates and Mary Farwell:

  1. Lydia Bates (conjectured daughter)
    some descendants of Lydia Bates
  2. John Bates was born on 22 Dec 1668 in Chelmsford. [Ref, s. John and Mary] He married Deborah Unknown. [Ref, p. 226]
    Deborah was appointed administratrix of John's estate on 12 Nov 1722. [Ref, p. 226]
    some descendants of John Bates
  3. Mary Bates was born on 8 May 1667 in Chelmsford. [Ref] She died on 20 Jul 1743 in Canterbury. [Ref] She married Josiah Cleveland. [Ref] Josiah was the son of Moses Cleaveland. [Ref]
    some descendants of Mary Bates
  4. Sarah Bates was born about 1677. She died on 5 Apr 1735. She married first Sgt. Benjamin Butterfield. She married second David Carver. She married third Ens. Richard Hildreth.

Generation 3

SARAH BATES (c. 1677 - 1735)

Parents: John Bates and Mary Farwell [Ref, 1;64]

Sarah Bates was born about 1677. She died on 5 Apr 1735, age 58. [Ref, 1;64] She married Sgt. Benjamin Butterfield on 16 Feb 1697 in Chelmsford. [Ref] She married second, as his third wife, David Carver of Canterbury, Windham, CT after 14 Jan 1721 (int.) in Chelmsford. [Ref, 1;64] He died on 17 Sep 1727 in Canterbury. [Ref, 1;64] After his death, Sarah returned to Chelmsford and married third, as his second wife, Ens. Richard Hildreth.

Children of Sarah Bates and David Carver:

  1. Benjamin Carver was born on 10 Dec 1722 in Canterbury. [Ref, 1;64][Ref] He was baptised in the Congregational church there on 16 Dec 1722. [Ref] He died on 18 Jul 1804 in Westford. [Ref, 1;64][Ref] He married Edith Fletcher on 23 May 1745 in Westford. [Ref, 1;64][Ref]
    some descendants of Benjamin Carver


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