The RANDALL Family of Scituate

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WILLIAM RANDALL (d. 1693) of Scituate m. Elizabeth Carver
HANNAH RANDALL (b. 1644) m. Daniel Turner

First Generation

WILLIAM RANDALL (d. 1693) of Scituate


William Randall died on 13 Oct 1693 in Scituate. [Ref] He married Elizabeth Carver. [Ref]

William is in the Scituate section of the 1643 list of those between 16 and 60 able to bear arms in Plymouth Colony. [Ref] William was a Quaker and in 1670 William Randall, Sr., John Palmer and Henry Ewall had their goods confiscated for refusing to pay the minister's tax in Scituate.

Children of William Randall and Elizabeth Carver:

  1. Joseph Randall was born in Mar 1642 in Scituate. [Ref] He was baptised there on 23 Nov 1645. [Ref] He died on 21 Feb 1723 in Scituate. [Ref] He married Hannah Maycumber of Marshfield in Oct 1672 in Scituate. [Ref]
  2. Hannah Randall was born in Mar 1644 in Scituate. She was baptised there on 23 Nov 1645. She married Daniel Turner.
  3. Sarah Randall was baptised on 23 Nov 1645 in Scituate. [Ref] She married John Palmer. [Ref, p. 23]
    some descendants of Sarah Randall
  4. William Randall was born in Dec 1647 in Scituate. [Ref] He married Patience Parker about 1676. [Ref] Patience was the daughter of William Parker and Mary Rawlins.
  5. John Randall was born in Apr 1650 in Scituate. [Ref]
  6. Elizabeth Randall was born in Oct 1652 in Scituate. [Ref]
  7. Job Randall was born on 8 Feb 1654 in Scituate. [Ref]
    some descendants of Job Randall
  8. Benjamin Randall was baptised on 8 Nov 1657 in Scituate. [Ref]
  9. Isaac Randall was baptised on 9 Jan 1658 in Scituate. [Ref] He married Susannah Berstow on 19 Nov 1684 in Scitutate. [Ref] She died on 16 Feb 1691/2 in Scituate. [Ref]

Second Generation


Parents: William Randall [Ref] and Elizabeth Carver

Hannah Randall was born in Mar 1644 in Scituate. [Ref] She was baptised there on 23 Nov 1645. [Ref] She married Daniel Turner on 20 Jun 1665 or 1666 in Scituate. [Ref][Ref, entry for Humphrey Turner][Ref]


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