Some Descendants of Thankful Willis (Roger) and James Bellows of Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts and Southborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts

  1. James Bellows was born on 26 Aug 1729 in Southborough. [Ref, s. James and Thankful] He was baptised on 30 Nov 1729 in Marlborough. [Ref, s. James] He died on 6 Nov 1810, age 81, in Southborough. [Ref] He married first Elizabeth Campbell on 18 Jan 1754 in Southborough. [Ref] He married second Johanna Lenard on 11 Dec 1758. [Ref] She died on 16 Jan 1812, age 76. [Ref]
  2. Josiah Bellows was born on 21 Apr 1731 in Southborough. [Ref, s. James and Thankful] He died on 21 Sep 1740 in Southborough. [Ref, s. James]
  3. Thankful Bellows was born on 14 May 1734 in Southborough. [Ref, d. James and Thankful] She married Amos Newton, possibly as his second or third wife, on 5 Feb 1778 in Southborough. [Ref] He died on 18 May 1795. [Ref]