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GEORGE VAUGHAN (c. 1635/7 - 1694) of Middleboro m. Elizabeth Henchman
ELIZABETH VAUGHAN (1652 - 1727) m. Lieut. Isaac Howland

Generation 1

GEORGE VAUGHAN (c. 1625/7 - 1694) of Middleboro

Parents: An earlier George Vaughan came to America in 1631, but returned to England. It is possible that both George and the William Vaughan who settled in Portsmouth, NH were his sons. [Ref]

George Vaughn was probably born in England about 1625 - 1627. He died on 20 Oct 1694 in Middleboro, age 73. [Ref] He married Elizabeth Hincksman in 1652 in Marshfield. [Ref] Elizabeth was the daughter of Edmund Henchman. [Ref] She was born about 1633. She died on 24 Jun 1693. [Ref] At her death she was 60 according to the town records and "62 Years or Thereabout" according to her gravestone. [Ref]

George deposed that he was 23 in 1650 [Ref] and 25 in 1652. [Ref]

George was in Essex county in 1650, where he testified about the will of Honor Rolfe, deceased, on 19 Dec 1650. [Ref] He settled in Marshfield, where he took the oath of fidelity in 1657. [Ref] He then moved to Scituate, and finally to Middleboro. [Ref]

George was one of the 26 men who purchased land for Middleborough from the Indian sachem Wampatuck in Mar 1662. [Ref]

George was apparently the first tavern keeper in Middleboro; receiving his license on 5 Jul 1669. [Ref][Ref]

He was constable in Middleboro in 1675. [Ref][Ref]

George signed his will on 30 Jun 1694; it was proved on 10 Nov 1694. [Ref] He mentioned his sons Daniel, George and Joseph; his daughters Mary Washborne, Elizabeth Howland and Mercy Due; his son-in-law Isaac Howland. [Ref]

Children of George Vaughan and Elizabeth Hinksman:

  1. Elizabeth Vaughan was born on 8 Apr 1653 in Marshfield. She was baptised on 31 May 1657 in the Second Church in Scituate. She died on 29 Oct 1727 in Middleboro. She married Lieut. Isaac Howland.
  2. Capt. Joseph Vaughan was born on 20 Aug 1654 in Marshfield. [Ref] He was baptised on 31 May 1657 in the Second Church in Scituate. [Ref] He married first Joanna Thomas on 7 May 1680 in Middleboro. [Ref] Joanna was the daughter of David Thomas. [Ref] Joseph married second Mary (Hallet) Fuller on 2 Dec 1720. [Ref] Mary was the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Gorham) Hallet. [Ref] She was the maternal granddaughter of Capt. John Gorham and Desire Howland. She was born about 1653. [Ref] She died on 2 Mar 1734 in Middleboro, age 81. [Ref] She married first Jabez Fuller. [Ref]
    Joseph was a selectman for 25 years in Middleboro. [Ref]
    some descendants of Joseph Vaughan
  3. Daniel Vaughan was born about 1656. [Ref] He died on 3 Apr 1730, age about 75, in Middleboro. [Ref] He was baptised on 31 May 1657 in the Second Church in Scituate. [Ref] He married Hepzibah Unknown. [Ref] She died on 7 Jul 1726, age 60. [Ref]
  4. John Vaughan was baptised on 7 Nov 1658 in the Second Church in Scituate. [Ref] He probably died young. [Ref]
  5. Mary Vaughan was baptised on 1 Jul 1660. [Ref] She married Jonathan Washburn about 1683. [Ref] Jonathan was the son of John and Elizabeth (Mitchel) Wasburn. [Ref] He was born about 1658. [Ref]
  6. Mercy Vaughan was probably born about 1664. [Ref] She probably married Joseph Due on 7 Feb 1664 [!typo in article] in Boston. [Ref] Joseph was the son of Ambrose and Esther Barker. [Ref]
  7. George Vaughan was born about 1670. [Ref] He died before 23 Dec 1705. [Ref]

Generation 2


Parents: George Vaughan [Ref] and Elizabeth Hincksman [Ref][Ref, p. 13]

Elizabeth Vaughan was born on 8 Apr 1653 [Ref says only 1652] in Marshfield. [Ref][Ref, p. 13] She was baptised on 31 May 1657 in the Second Church in Scituate. [Ref] She died on 29 Oct 1727 [Ref], age 75, in Middleboro. [Ref][Ref, p. 13] She married Lieut. Isaac Howland [Ref] abour 1676. [Ref][Ref, p. 13]

Elizabeth signed her will on 13 Oct 1725. [Ref, p. 15]

Elizabeth's father left her his "biggest brass Kittle". [Ref]


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