Some Descendants of Andrew Spalding (Edward) and Hannah Jefes of Chelmsford

  1. John Spalding was born on 20 Aug 1682 in Chelmsford. [Ref] He married first Mary Unknown. [Ref] Perhaps he is the John who married [second] as her second husband Lydia (Blaisdell) Parker.
    1. Job Spalding was born on 12 Oct 1714 in Chelmsford. [Ref] He married Lydia Unknown. [Ref]
      1. Lydia Spalding was born on 22 Mar 1741/2 in Chelmsford. [Ref] She married as his second wife Aaron Parker [Ref, p. 464] on 3 Jun 1766 in in Westford. [Ref][Ref, p. 377, in Chelmsford]
  2. Joanna Spalding was born on 8 Oct 1689/90 in Chelmsford. [Ref, pp. 72-73, d. Andrew and Hannah] She married Josiah Fletcher. [Ref, pp. 72-73]