Some Descendants of Elizabeth Jones and Anthony Thacher of Yarmouth

  1. John Thacher was born on 17 Mar 1638/9 in Marblehead. [Ref, pp. 14-22] He married first Rebecca Winslow on 6 Nov 1661. [Ref, pp. 14-22] Rebecca was the daughter of Josiah Winslow. [Ref, pp. 14-22] He married second Lydia Gorham on 1 Jan 1683/4 [Ref] in Yarmouth. [Ref, pp. 14-22]
    1. Dea. Josiah Thacher was born on 26 Apr 1667. [Ref, s. of John and Rebecca] He died on 12 May 1702. [Ref, of John and Rebecca] He married Mary Hedge. [Ref, p. 33] Mary was the daughter of Elisha Hedge. [Ref, p. 33] She was born in Mar 1671. [Ref, p. 33] She married second as his second wife Zachariah Paddock. [Ref, p. 33]
      1. Rebecca Thacher married John Paddock in 1716 . [Ref, p. 34]
      2. Mary Thacher married Joshua Sears on on 17 Sep 1719 Ref, p. 73, d, Dea. Josiah and Mary (Hedge)] in Yarmouth. [Ref]
  2. Judah Thacher was born about 1642. [Ref, pp. 14-22] He married Mary Thornton in Oct 1667. [Ref, pp. 14-22] Mary was the daughter of Thomas Thornton. [Ref, pp. 14-22]
  3. Bethiah Thacher was born say 1649. [Ref, pp. 14-22] She died on 19 Dec 1725 in Bristol. [Ref, p. 10] She married Jabez Howland [Ref, pp. 14-22] by 1669, probably in Yarmouth. [Ref, p. 10]