Rev. John Lathrop's record of early houses in Scituate:

about the end of Sep 1634: ("all wch small plaine pallizadoe Houses")
1 Mr. Hatherlyes  
2 Mr Cudworthes now Goodma Ensiynes
3 Mr Gillsonns  
4 Goodman Anniballs  
5 Goodman Rowlyes  
6 Goodman Turners now Goodma Jacksons
7 Goodman Cobbes now Goodma Rowlyes, now Goodma Vinalls
8 Goodman Hewes now Goodma Coopers
9 Edward Ffosters  
Since my Comeing to Octo 1636
10 My House  
11 Goodman Ffoxwells Hennery Boornes
12 Watts house  
13 Goodman Chittendens  
14 Goodman Lumbers wch is bought by goodma Winter
15 My sonnes  
16 Goodman Haites wc Mr Bower haith bought
17 Goodman Hatches  
18 Goodman Lewice senior now Goodma
19 Goody Hinkles  
20 Mr Tildens  
  The Smiths Goodma Haits brother
22 Goodman Lewice junior  
23 Goodman Rowleyes new house on his lot  
24 Mr Vassells  
25 Goodman Stockbridge ye wheeler  
26 Goodman Stedmans  
27 Goodman Lumbers uppon his Lott  
28 Meeting house erected & on L...  
29 Isaac Robinsons now Goodma Twisdens
30 Mr Cudworths house on his Lott  
31 Brother Turners, on his Lott  
32 Brother Cobbs, on his Lott  
33 Goodman Hewes on his Lott  
34 Goodman Lewice on his Lott now Goodma Williams
35 Goodma Lewice Juniour his new house haveing sold his other to Mr Dorkins
36 Goodman Kenricks  
  Mr Bavers  
  The young Mas. Edward Ffittsrandolfs now Goodma Syllice
39 Robert Shellyes  
40 John Hammers now Goodma H
41 Henney Ewells wc Goodma Merritt haith bought
42 Mr Hatches new House  
43 George Suttens  
44 Brother Crockers junior  
45 John Emmersonns  
46 Goodman Homms  
47 John Hammers on the Cliffe  
48 Goodman Birds  
49 Isaac Robinsonns new house  
50 Goodma Ffoxwells on his Lott  
51 my house on the Lott erected Sept. 26  
52 Thomas Lapphams  
53 Goodman Edendens  
54 Goodma Hylands  
55 Goodma Rawlings on his Lott  
56 Wlliam Parkers  
67 Goodman Lewice seniors