Some Descendants of Redfield Proctor (Jabez,Leonard,Thomas,Samuel,Robert) and Emily Dutton

  1. Arabella Proctor was born on 26 Jun 1859 in Proctorsville. [Ref, p. 116] She married Fred G. Holden. [Ref, p. 116]
  2. Gov. Fletcher Dutton Proctor was born on 7 Nov 1860 in Proctorsville. [Ref, p. 116] He died on 27 Sep 1911 in Vermont. [Ref] He married Minnie E. Robinson. [Ref, p. 116] She was born in May 1865 [Ref] in Westford or Underhill, Vermont [Ref].
    In 1900 and 1910 Fletcher and Minnie and their three children were living in Proctor, Rutland, Vermont and Fletcher was the president of the Vermont Marble Company. [Ref][Ref]
    Fletcher was the Governor of Vermont. See his wikipedia article.
    1. Emily Proctor was born on 24 May 1887 in Vermont. [Ref, no day][Ref] She died on 24 Apr 1964 in Alameda, California. [Ref] She married George Henry Eggleston on 12 Aug 1915 in Proctor. [Ref]
      In 1920 George and Emily were living in Proctor. George was a clerk in a marble company and they had no children. [Ref]
    2. Gov. Mortimer R. Proctor was born on 30 May 1889 in Vermont. [Ref, no day][Ref] He died on 28 Apr 1968 in Proctor. [Ref] He was buried on 1 May 1968 in the South Street Cemetery in Proctor. [Ref] He married first Margaret Cynthia Chishold on 30 May 1916 in Proctor. [Ref] She was born about 1897 in New York. [Ref] He married second Dorothy Unknown by 8 Mar 1924. [Ref] They divorced. [Ref] He married third Lillian Washburn Bryan on 14 Nov 1942 in Proctor. [Ref] At the time of his death he was married to Geraldine Gates Proctor. [Ref]
      Mortimer was 5' 6-1/2" tall with brown eyes and a fair complexion. [Ref]
      Mortimer was a soldier in World War I. [Ref] In 1920 he was living with Margaret and his son in Proctor. [Ref] In 1942 Mortimer was a marble manufacturer. [Ref] He was President of the Vermont Marble Company. [Ref]
      Mortimer was the Governor of Vermont. See his wikipedia article.
      1. Mortimer Proctor was born about 1917 in California. [Ref]
    3. Minnie Proctor was born in Jan 1895 in Vermont. [Ref] She married Willis Rowland Dunsmore on 26 Aug 1916 in Proctor. [Ref]
  3. Fanny G. Proctor was born on 2 May 1863. [Ref, p. 116] She died on 26 Sep 1883. [Ref, p. 116]
  4. Emily D. Proctor was born on 21 Nov 1869 in Rutland, Vermont. [Ref, p. 116]
  5. Gov. Redfield Proctor was born on 13 Apr 1879. [Ref, p. 116] He died on 5 Feb 1957.
    Redfield was the Governor of Vermont.
photo: Fletcher Dutton Proctor
Redfield Proctor, Jr.