The PRIEST Family of Leiden, South Holland, the Netherlands and Plymouth, Plymouth, MA

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Degory Priest died before 13 Nov 1621 when his wife remarried. He married Sarah Allerton, the widow of John Vincent and sister of Isaac Allerton, on 4 Nov 1611 in Leiden. [Ref][Ref].

Sarah and Mary Priest were in lot two of the 22 May 1627 Plymouth cattle division. [Ref]

Children of Degory Priest and Sarah Allerton:

  1. Mary Priest died between 7 Mar 1686/7 and 22 Jul 1689 in Charlestown. [Ref] She married Phineas Pratt before Oct 1633. [Ref] Phineas was born about 1593 and died on 19 Apr 1680 at Charlestown. [Ref] Mary and Phineas had eight children. [Ref]
    Thomas Weston, the representative of the Merchant Adventurers who financed the Pilgrims, sent a ship of men to form a rival settlement. They arrived in 1622 on the Swan and located at Wessagussett (later Weymouth). Unable to find adequate food the settlement was unsuccessful. Phineas Pratt was one of the settlers and became, by default, one of the leaders of this unfortunate group. [Ref] He reported for guard duty one night and reported, "I [saw] one man dead before me and another [man dead] at my right hand and another at my left for want of food." [Ref quotes Phineas Pratt] He went from Wessagussett toward Plymouth to warn the Pilgrims of a possible Indian attack. [Ref]
  2. Sarah Priest married John Coombs.


Parents: Degory Priest and Sarah Allerton [Ref]

Sarah Priest married John Coombs by about 1632. [Ref]

After the death of John Coombs, Sarah returned to England and William Spooner apparently agreed to take care of one of her children. On 15 Oct 1646 he appeared before the governor and said that he undertook to keep and provide for the child. [Ref] On 1 Aug 1648 the court ordered that Spooner keep Mrs. Combe's children for the present and not dispose of them without a future order of the court. [Ref]