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ALLEN PERLEY (abt. 1608 - 1675) of Ipswich m. Susanna Bokesen
SAMUEL PERLEY (d. 1725) m. Ruth Trumble
SARAH PERLEY (1665 -1694) m. Capt. Joseph Andrews

Generation 1

ALLEN PERLEY (abt. 1608 - 1675)

Parents: Unknown

Allen Perley was born about 1608. He died on 28 Dec 1675 in Ipswich. [Ref] Allen Perley, a native of Wales, married Susanna Bokesen in 1636. [Ref]

Allen Perley arrived on the Planter, which embarked for New England on 2 Apr 1635. He was a 27-year-old husbandman with a certificate from the Minister of St. Albans, Herts. [Ref]

Allen was a freeman on 18 May 1642. [Ref] He was released from ordinary training on 30 Sep 1656 and ordered to pay 10 shillilngs a year for the use of the company. [Ref] He was on the grand jury at the 25 Sep 1660 and 27 Sep 1664 courts at Ipswich. [Ref]

Daniel Clark withdrew his suit against Allen Perley for non-performance of work by his son at the 30 Sep 1656 court at Ipswich. [Ref]

Allen Perley won his suit against Henry Batcheller for not giving him legal assurance of land that he had purchased at the 14 Oct 1662 court in Hampton. His son Thomas, aged about 21, and his brothers Samuel and Nathaniel, age 19, testified that Goodman Batcheller showed them the land and said that he had sold it for £50 in wheat and cattle; he had said that he would give assurance when he was paid. Isaac Cummings, Jr. deposed that Allen Perley chose him to appraise the cattle and that he had appraised them for £42. He then helped drive them to Goodman Batcheller's house. Allen Perley and Batcheller than argued about whether the terms of payment had been fulfilled or not. Antony Carrall deposed that Goodman Batcheller had told him that he sold the land to Goodman Perley and had gotten a "good pennyworth". [Ref]

Tobiah Colman brought suit against Allen Perley for taking his horse from him at the Sep 1669 court. [Ref]

Allen Perley wrote his will on 23 Jun 1670. He added a codicil on 16 Nov 1671. It was proved on 3 Feb 1675/6. He mentions his "three elder sons", John, Thomas and Samuel, saying "Taking there liberty at the age of one & twenty to leave me &c. yet I have given vnto them, three parts of the Land beyond Bachelours brooke." He also mentions his deceased son Nathaniel and his son Timothy, whom he says is under 23. He mention his daughters Sarah and Martha Perley and his beloved wife Susanna. [Ref]

Children of Allen Perley and Susanna Bokesen:

  1. John Perley was born about 1636, as he deposed that he was 33 in 1669. [Ref] He died on 15 Dec 1729 in Boxford. [Ref] He married Mary Howlett by about 1665. [Ref] Mary was the daughter of Thomas Howlett 1 and Alice French.
    At the 9 Apr 1657 court, John Perley was sentenced to be fined or whipped for lying. [Ref] At the May 1661 court, upon suspicion of felony, John was bound for good behaviour for appearance at the next Ipswich court and ordered to pay costs to Thomas Poore. Thomas had charged John with stealing his mare. John Baker, Sr. and John Kimball acted as sureties for John. At the Mar 1662 court, John was convicted of stealing the mare and ordered to pay triple damages of £20, to return the mare and to be severely whipped. He was to be imprisoned until the sentence could be carried out. John petitioned the court and the court allowed him to pay eight pounds, rather than be whipped. [Ref] In Mar 1671, John was fined for lying about a bridle that he had borrowed. [Ref]
    John was deputy to Robert Lord, marshall of Ipswich in 1668. [Ref]
  2. Thomas Perley was born about 1641. [Ref: he was 21 in 1662, 28 in 1669] He died in Boxford. [Ref] He married Lydia Peabody, as her second husband. The widow Lydia Peabody died on 30 Apr 1715 in Boxford. [Ref]
  3. Samuel Perley married Ruth Trumble.
  4. Nathaniel Perley was born about 1643/7. [Ref: he was 19 in 1662, 22 in 1669] He died on 29 Apr 1668. [Ref] Isaac Foster and Nehemiah Abbott took the inventory of his estate in Jun 1668. [Ref] His father was appointed administrator of his estate in Jun 1688. [Ref]
  5. Sarah Perley married William Wattson on 15 Jan 1670 in Ipswich. [Ref]
  6. Timothy Perley was born about 1653. He died on 25 Jun 1718 in Ipswich. [Ref]
  7. Martha Perley was born about 20 Apr 1657 in Ipswich. [Ref]

Generation 2


Parents: Allen Perley and Susanna Bokesen

Samuel Perley died on 29 Jan 1724-5 in Ipswich. [Ref] Samuel Perley married Ruth Trumble on 15 Jul 1664 [Ref gives only the year] in Ipswich. [Ref]

Samuel was a freeman on 19 May 1669 in Newbury. [Ref] He took the oath of allegiance in 1683 in Ipswich. [Ref] He was a member of the church in Topsfield prior to 11 Jun 1684. [Ref]

Children of Robert Perley:

  1. Sarah Perley was born on 7 Jun 1665 in Ipswich. She married Capt. Joseph Andrews.
  2. Samuel Perley was born on 28 May 1667 in Ipswich. [Ref][Ref, p. 9] He died on 10 Apr 1753 in Ipswich. [Ref] He married Abigail Cummings on 28 Mar 1693/4 [Ref, p. 9] in Topsfield. [Ref]
    some descendants of Samuel Perley
  3. John Perley was born on 28 Sep 1669 in Essex. [Ref] He died on 2 May 1725. [Ref][Ref] He married Jane Dresser on 13 Jul 1698. [Ref]
    some descendants of John Perley
  4. Hannah Perley was born on 8 Jun 1671 in Ipswich. [Ref]
  5. Hephsibah Perley was born on 28 Sep 1679 in Ipswich. [Ref]

Generation 3

SARAH PERLEY (1665 - 1694)

Parents: Samuel Perley and Ruth Trumble [Ref][Ref, p. 95]

Sarah Perley was born on 7 Jun 1665 [Ref, p. 95] in Ipswich. [Ref] She died on 15 Jan 1693/4 [Ref, p. 95] in Boxford. [Ref][Ref] She married Capt. Joseph Andrews 1 Feb 1681 in Topsfield. [Ref][Ref][Ref, p. 95] By a 1714 deed of Samuel Perley of Ipswich, it appears that the Sarah Perley who married Joseph Andrews of Salem Village was his daughter. [Ref]


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