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JOHN MARTYN (d. 1629/30) of Barnham
ANNE MARTYN m. Robert Bullard

Generation 1

JOHN MARTYN (d. 1629/30) of Barnham, Suffolk


John died between 28 Dec 1629, when his will is dated, and 8 Nov 1630, when it was proved. [Ref] His wife predeceased him. [Ref]

In his will, he calls himself a cook of Barnham. [Ref] He left his son Thomas his little house next to the gate with its ground and yard. After Thomas's death, the house was to go to his son John. He also left John part of a house on the condition that he pay £16 to the rest of his brothers and sisters and £4 to his son-in-law Henry Write's daughter Judy. He specified an interest rate of one percent and listed the brothers and sisters as Anne, the wife of Robert Buller, Thomas, Magdalene Martyn and William. His son John was his executor. [Ref]

Children of John Martyn:

  1. John Martyn
  2. Anne Martyn married first Robert Bullard. She married second Henry Thorpe.
  3. Thomas Martyn
  4. Magdalene Martyn may have married John, the brother of her sister Anne's husband Robert. This is based on John's wife being named Magdalene and the rarity of the name. [Ref] However, the name may not have been uncommon at that time and in that place. [Ref]
  5. William Martyn
  6. Unknown Martyn died before 28 Dec 1629. She married Henry Write.

Generation 2


Parents: John Martyn

Anne Martyn died after 29 (4) 1639, when her husband Robert was buried. [Ref] She married Robert Bullard.


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