Massachusetts Vital Records

Source Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850. Online Database:, New England Historical and Genealogical Society, 2001-2007.

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Note: The spellings of the names vary in the original records. I have used the modern spelling.

Family: Barron

John, Sr.   1 Jan 1693 death

Family: Cummings

Hannah d. John and Elizabeth 20 May 1690 birth

Family: Lawrence

Sam[ue]l s. Peleg and Elizab[eth] Oct. 16, 1671 CT. R. birth
Eleazer s. Peleg and Elizab[eth] Feb. 28, 1674 CT. R. birth
Jonath[an] s. Peleg and Elizab[eth] Mar. 29, 1679 CT. R. birth
Abigail d. Peleg and Elizab[eth] Oct. 6, 1681 CT. R. birth
Jeremiah s. Peleg and Elizabeth Jan. 3, [16]86-7 CT. R. birth
Joseph s. Peleg and Elizabeth June 12, 1688. CT. R. birth
Elizabeth w. John Aug. 29, 1663 CT. R. death
Jeremiah s. Peleg Apr. 26, [16]87 CT. R. death

Family: Parish

Mary d. Robert and Mary Jan. 5, 1667 CT.R. birth

Family: Scripture

Samuel s. Samuel 4: 8: [16]75 birth
Lydia d. Samuel and Elizabeth July 28, 1700 birth
Jacob s. Samuel and Sarah Mar. 13, 1707 baptism
Eunice d. Samuel and Sarah May 22, 1708 baptism
Samuel Mary Green of Watertown Feb. 8, 1699/1700 marriage

Family: Whitcomb

Hezakiah s. Hezakiah and Hannah 22 Dec 1707 birth