The LINTON Family of Lancaster, Worcestor, MA

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ANNE LINTON (d. 1689)

Parents: Richard Linton

Anne Linton died on 6 Feb 1689 in Charlestown. [Ref] She married Lawrence Waters. [Ref]

RICHARD LINTON (d. 1665) of Lancaster

Richard Linton died on 30 (1) 1665 in Lancaster. [Ref][Ref, p. 12] He married Elizabeth Unknown. [Ref]

Richard was one of the original inhabitants of Lancaster, signing the town covenant on 4 (9) 1654. [Ref, pp. 30-31]

He was one of the 13 inhabitants of Lancaster who signed an agreement with John Prescott for the building of the first corn mill in Lancaster. [Ref, p. 32] On 30 (9) 1653 lots were laid out in Lancaster. Some of the original inhabitants of received 20-acre lots upon the neck lying between the North River and the Penacuck River. Richard received the second of these lots, his property lying between Edward Breck's and Ralph Houghton's. [Ref, p. 35] He was one of 11 Lancaster men who petitioned the General Court in (probably) 1654 for Lancaster to have a similar governance to other towns and requested that the Court appoint a man or men to lay out town boundaries. [Ref] After the original division of land in Lancaster, further divisions were contingent on estate size. In 1654 estates were valued and Richard's - at about £90 - was the tenth smallest of the 30 eligible inhabitants. [Ref] He was given about three acres of meadow in 1654. [Ref]

Children of Richard Linton

  1. Anne Linton died on 6 Feb 1689 in Charlestown. She married Lawrence Waters

At a 5 Feb 1659 Lancaster town meeting Richard is referred to as George Bennett of Lancaster's grandfather. [Ref] George was killed in the 22 Aug 1675 Indian attack on Lancaster. [Ref]