The LEWIS Family of Hartford, Hartford, CT, Hadley, Northampton and Farmington, Hartford, CT

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WILLIAM LEWIS (d. 1683) of Hartford, Hadley, Northampton and Farmington m. Felix Unknown (d. 1671)
CAPT. WILLIAM LEWIS (d. 1689/90) of Farmington m. Mary Hopkins
MARY LEWIS m. Benjamin Judd

Generation 1

WILLIAM LEWIS (d. 1683) of Hartford, Hadley, Northampton and Farmington

Parents: Unknown

William Lewis died on 2 Aug 1683 in Farmington. [Ref 2;156-7] He married Felix Unknown. [Ref 2;156-7] She died on 17 Apr 1671 in Hadley. [Ref 2;156-7]

William Lewis arrived in Boston on 16 Sep 1632 on the Lion. [Ref 2;156-7] He was admitted freeman in Nov 1632. [Ref 2;156-7] He moved to Hartford in 1632. [Ref 2;156-7] In 1652 he became one of the founders of Hadley, MA. [Ref 2;156-7] He was a representative to the General Court in 1662. [Ref 2;156-7] He was living in Northampton in 1664. [Ref 2;156-7] He moved to Farmington before 29 Nov 1677. [Ref 2;156-7]

Generation 2

CAPT. WILLIAM LEWIS (d. 1689/90) of Farmington

Parents: William Lewis and Felix Unknown [Ref 2;156-7]

William died between 16 Jul 1689 and 18 Aug 1690. He married first Mary, the daughter of William and Mary Hopkins. [Ref 4;1843][Ref 2;156-7] Mary was the daughter of the wife of Richard Whitehead of Windsor. [Ref 2;156-7] Savage says that Mary was the daughter of William Hopkins of Stratford. [Ref 2;156-7] William married second Mary, the daughter of Ezekiel Cheever.

William Lewis sen., of Farmington, signed his will on 16 Jul 1689. He gave his wife one-third of his lands during his life; he gave his son Philip "a full confirmation of the living he liveth upon at Hartford, according to the tenure of my Hond Father's Will". [Ref 1;481]

William was a wealthy man and the settlement of his estate involved a fair amount of controversy and took years. Inventory was taken on the estate of Capt. William Lewis of Farmington on 28 Aug 1690. It amounted to about £1025. He children were named as Philip, Samuel, William, Ebenezer, John, James, Ezekiel, Nathaniel, Mary Judd, Sarah Boltwood, Hannah Marsh, Felix Selden, & Abigail Lewes. [Ref 1;480] On 4 Sep 1690 the inventory was exhibited by his widow and John Lewis. [Ref 1;480] On 5 Nov 1690 administration was granted to Philip and William Lewis. It was noted that Mrs. Lewis had an interest in the estate by jointure. On 6 Mar 1690/1, the jointure having been settled "in Land and Negroe", William's estate was distributed. His eldest son Philip received a double portion; the other's received single portion. On 6 Mar 1690/1, John [perhaps the son of the deceased John] joined Philip and William as an administrator of the estate. [Ref 1;480] On 8 Apr 1691, his widow Mary Lewis complained that the court had distributed the £100 jointure that her father Ezekiel Cheever had made for the use of her and her heirs, who were the three youngest children. [Ref 1;481] On 1 Oct 1691, the estate was distributed to Philip, Ezekiel, Nathaniel, Samuel, Ebenezer, John, James, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Felix and Abigail. [Ref 1;480] On 7 Jun 1707 a distribution was made to Samuel; John and James, who were both deceased; to Mary Judd; Sarah Boltwood; Hannah Marsh; Felix Selden. [Ref 1;480] On 7 Jun 1707/8 the court ordered land belonging to William and valued at £40 to be distributed to William's children. [Ref 1;480] On 1 Jul 1718, James Lewis of Jamaica, Long Island [presumably the son of the deceased James] appealed the distribution. [Ref 1;481] On 27 Aug 1718: James Lewis appealed to the Superior Court to have the distribution of his father's estate nullified; the appeal was rejected. [Ref 1;481] On 5 Aug 1719 the court asked William and Nathaniel why James should not have an appeal. The court chose not to grant the appeal and ordered James to pay costs. [Ref 1;481] On 27 Aug 1718: James Lewis appealed to the Superior Court to have the distribution of his father's estate nullified; the appeal was rejected. [Ref 1;482]

Children of William Lewis and Mary Hopkins:

  1. Mary Lewis was born on 6 May 1645. She died between 28 Aug 1690 and Mar 1691/2. She married Benjamin Judd.
  2. Philip Lewis was baptised on 13 Dec 1646. [Ref 2;156-7] He died after 6 Mar 1690/1.
  3. Sgt. Samuel Lewis was born on 18 Aug 1648. [Ref 2;156-7] He died on 18 Nov 1752. [Ref 2;156-7] He married Elizabeth Unknown. [Ref 2;156-7]
  4. Sarah Lewis died after 20 Oct 1690. She married Samuel, the son of Robert Boltwood. [Ref 2;156-7] Samuel was killed by the Indians on 29 Feb 1704. [Ref 2;156-7]
  5. Hannah Lewis died after 20 Oct 1690. She married first Samuel Crowe of Hadley. [Ref 2;156-7] She married second Daniel, the son of William Marsh. [Ref 2;156-7] Daniel was baptised on 15 Mar 1656/7. [Ref 2;156-7]
  6. Felix Lewis was baptised on 12 Dec 1658. [Ref 2;156-7] She died after 20 Oct 1690. She married Thomas Selden. [Ref 2;156-7]
  7. William Lewis was baptised on 15 Mar 1656/7. [Ref 2;156-7] He died after after 5 Aug 1719. He married Phebe, the daughter of Dea. Isaac Moore of Farmington. [Ref 2;156-7] She died on 19 Aug 1735. [Ref 2;156-7]
  8. Ebenezer Lewis died in 1709. [Ref 2;156-7] He married Elizabeth Merriman on 2 Dec 1685. [Ref 2;156-7] He was a blacksmith in Wallingford. [Ref 2;156-7]
  9. John Lewis was born on 15 May 1665. [Ref 2;156-7] died after 6 Mar 1690/1, when he exibited his father's inventory and before 20 Oct 1690, when inventory was taken on his estate. [Ref 1;479]
    John's estate amounted to about £157. Inventory was taken by John Stanly, Jr. and Samuel Newell; his legatees were his brothers and sisters Philip, Samuel, William, Ebenezer and James Lewis, Hannah March, Sarah Boltwoood and Felix Selden. [Ref 1;479-480] Administration on his estate was granted to Samuel and William Lewis on 14 Nov 1694.
  10. James Lewis was born on 10 Jul 1667. [Ref 2;156-7] He died before 7 Jun 1707.

Children of William Lewis and Mary Cheever:

  1. Elizabeth Lewis was born on 20 Oct 1672. [Ref 2;156-7] She died in 1674. [Ref 2;156-7]
  2. Ezekiel Lewis was born on 7 Nov 1674. [Ref 2;156-7] He married Mary Breadon on 18 Mar 1702. [Ref 2;156-7]
  3. Nathaniel Lewis was born on 1 Oct 1676. [Ref 2;156-7] He died after 5 Aug 1719. He married Abigail Ashley of Westfield, MA on 25 Nov 1699. [Ref 2;156-7]
    On 5 March, 1690/1, Nathaniel Lewis, a minor son of Capt. William Lewis, chose Capt. John Stanly to be his Guardian. [Ref 1;480]
  4. Abigail Lewis was born on 19 Sep 1678. [Ref 2;156-7] She died on 24 Jun 1707. [Ref 2;156-7] She married William Wadsworth of Farmington on 10 Dec 1696. [Ref 2;156-7]
  5. Joseph Lewis was born on 15 Mar 1680. [Ref 2;156-7] He died young.
  6. Daniel Lewis was born on 16 Jul 1681. [Ref 2;156-7] He died young. [Ref 2;156-7]

Generation 3

MARY LEWIS (1645 - 1690/2)

Parents: Capt. William Lewis and Mary Hopkins [Ref 4;1843]

Mary Lewis was born on 6 May 1645. [Ref 4;1644] She died after 28 Aug 1690 and before Mar 1691/2, when administration on Benjamin's estate was granted to her son Benjamin, her brother-in-law John Judd and her brother William Lewis. [Ref 1;474] She married Benjamin Judd [Ref] in 1667. [Ref 4;1843]

She is called Mary Judd when inventory was taken on her father's estate on 28 Aug 1690. [Ref 1;480]

Benjamin and his wife were in full communion in the Farmington church on 1 Mar 1679/80. [Ref]


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