TARBELL (Descendants of Thomas Tarbell (d. 1678) of Watertown, Groton and Charlestown)

TAYLOR (Ancestors of Mary Taylor (b. 1671) of Springfield)


THAXTER (Descendants of Thomas Thaxter (d. 1654) of Hingham)

THOMAS (Descendants of David Thomas)

THOMAS of Maryland


THORLEY (Descendants of Richard Thorley (d. 1685) of Rowley and Newbury)

THURSTON (Descendants of John Thurston (abt 1607 - 1685) of Medfield and Dedham)

THURSTON (Descendants of Daniel Thurston (d. 1693) of Newbury)

TIDD (Descendants of Sgt. John Tidd (abt 1600 - 1656) of Woburn)

TILDEN (Ancestors and descendants of Elder Nathaniel Tilden (bp. 1583 - 1641) of Tenterden and Scituate)


TOBEY (Descendants of Thomas Tobey of Sandwich)

TRAINE (Descendants of John Traine (abt 1610 - 1681) of Watertown)

TRUMBLE (Descendants of John Trumble (d. 1657) of Rowley)


TUPPER (Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas Tupper (1578-1676) of Sandwich)

TURNER (Descendants of Humphrey Turner (d. 1672/3) of Scituate)

TWITCHELL (Descendants of Benjamin Twitchell of Dorchester and Lancaster)