REED (Descendants and ancestors of Thomas Reed (d. 1701) of Sudbury and his sister Mary Reed (d. 1691), wife of Daniel Bacon)


RICHARDS (Ancestors and descendants of Thomas Richards (bp. 1596 - 1650/1) of Pitminster, Dorchester and Weymouth)

RICHARDSON (Ancestors and descendants of Ezekiel Richardson (abt 1604 - 1647) of Westmill, Charlestown and Woburn and of Thomas Richardson (bp. 1608 - 1651) of Westmill and Woburn)


RIGBY (Descendants of John Rigby (d. 1647) of Dorchester)


ROCKET (Descendants of Richard Rocket of Braintree)

ROGERS (Descendants of Mayflower Passenger Thomas Rogers of Plymouth)

RUSSELL (Descendants of William Russell (d. 1662) of Cambridge)