MARBURY (Anscestors of Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson (1591 - 1643)

MARTIN (Descendants of George Martin of Ipswich)

MARTYN (Ancestors of Anne Martyn, wife of Robert Bullard (d. 1639) of Barnham, co. Sussex and Watertown)

MATSON (Descendants of Thomas Matson of Boston)


METCALF (Ancestors and Descendants of Michael Metcalf (1587-1664) of Tatterford, Norwich and Dedham)

MINOR (Descendants of Thomas Minor (abt 1607-1690) of Charlestown and New London)

MOREY (Descendants of Jonathan Morey)

MORGAN (Descendants of James Morgan (abt 1607 - 1685) of Roxbury and New London)

MORSE (Descendants of Samuel Morse)


MOULTON (Descendants of Robert Moulton (d. 1655) of Charlestown and Salem)