Some Descendants of Simeon Johnson (Moses, Lieut. Joseph, Nathaniel, Sgt. Humphrey, John) and Elizabeth Gardner of Holliston

  1. Moses Johnson was born on 4 Mar 1757 Holliston. [Ref]
  2. Elizabeth Johnson was born on 7 Apr 1760 Holliston. [Ref] She married John Rollins on 16 Oct 1787 in Dublin, New Hampshire. [Ref, p. 66]
    Elizabeth and John moved to Chittenden, Vermont. [Ref, p. 66]
  3. Margaret "Peggy" Johnson was born on 3 May 1764 Holliston. [Ref] She died on 3 Aug 1819 in Dublin, New Hampshire. [Ref, p. 137] She married Joshua Stanley on 3 Jul 1783. [Ref, p. 66][Ref, p. 355] Joshua was the son of David and Sarah (Butters) Stanley. [Ref, p. 137] He was born on 22 Feb 1766 and died on 10 Feb 1843 in Dublin. [Ref, p. 137]
  4. Simeon Johnson was baptised on 26 May 1765 in Holliston. [Ref, p. 66] He married Elizabeth Winslow, the daughter of Peleg and Betsey (Holloway) Winslow. [Ref, p. 138] She was born in 1765. [Ref, p. 138]
    Simeon and Elizabeth lived in Williamstown, Vermont. [Ref, p. 138]
  5. Charlotte Johnson was born on 22 Nov 1766 Holliston. [Ref] She died on 31 Aug 1849. [Ref, p. 138] She married as his second wife Reuben Rice [Ref, p. 138] of Ashburnham, Massachusetts on 24 Dec 1816. [Ref, p. 355] Reuben, the son of Zebulon and Susanna (Allen) Rice, was born on 10 Aug 1757 in Lancaster, Massachusetts and died on 22 Mar 1837 in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. [Ref, p. 138] He married first Sarah Metcalf on 8 Jun 1784. [Ref, p. 138] She died on 14 Feb 1814, age 49. [Ref, p. 138]
  6. Anna Johnson was born on 13 Oct 1771 in Holliston. [Ref, p. 66]
  7. Silas Johnson was born on 3 Feb 1779 [Ref, p. 355] in Dublin, New Hampshire. [Ref, p. 66] He died on 30 Mar 1865 in Leicester, Vermont. [Ref, p. 138] He married Abigail Rhodes on 21 Jul 1805 in Dedham, Massachusetts. [Ref, p. 138] Abigail, the daughter of Eleazer and Abigail (Graves) Rhodes, was born on 27 Mar 1786, baptised on 28 May 1786 in the South Church in Dedham and died on 15 Jan 1862 in Leicester, Vermont. [Ref, p. 138]
  8. Adam Johnson may be the son of Elizabeth Stone. [Ref, p. 66] He was born in 1772 in Cheshire county, New Hampshire. [Ref, p. 139] He died in 1852 in Perry, Illinois. [Ref, p. 139] He married Patty or Martha Breed [Ref, p. 66] of Packerfield, New Hampshire on 25 Aug 1803. [Ref, p. 139] She was the daughter of Nathaniel and Thankful (Day) Breed, born on 5 Mar 1780 in Nelson, New Hampshire and died in 1861 in Roscoe, Ohio. [Ref, p. 139]
    Adam was a school teacher in Keene, Ohio. [Ref, p. 138]
    "He was a successful teacher in the schools of Dublin; much employed, and often sought after for his ability to secure good discipline in a disorderly school. He was often rough in manner; but his literary qualifications were above the common standard of his day." [Ref, p. 355]