Luther Wait, trans., "Ipswich Proceedings," New England Historical and Genealogical Register 2, 1848, 50-53.

This is a transcript of the record of a 19 Dec 1648 town meeting.

The town of Ipswich undertook to pay Maj. Denison, as their leader, £24 7s. each year on 10 Dec. Seven men were charged with setting the tax rates to satisfy this charge. The rates ranged from 1 shilling to 10 shillings (Mr. Robert Paine). The number of shillings assessed for men mentioned in this genealogy were:

Six shillings:

Five shillings: George Giddings, John Perkins, Jr.

Four shillings: Mr. Epps, Robert Cross, James Chute, Thomas Perkins, Jacob Perkins

Three shillings: Francis Dane, Abraham Foster

Two shillings: John Jackson, John Denison, Henry Kingsbury, John Dane, Robert Kinsman

One shillings: Reginold Foster