Some Descendants of James Hildreth (Richard) and Margaret Ward

  1. Margaret Hildreth was born on 22 May 1660 in Chelmsford. [Ref, p. 272] She married Israel Proctor on 10 Jan 1689. [Ref, p. 8]
  2. (conjectured son) Richard Hildreth
    1. Samuel Hildreth died on 17 Jul 1748 in Westford. [Ref, s. James] He may be the Samuel who married Sarah Proctor on 14 Mar 1753. [Ref, p. 13]
  3. Dorothy Hildreth [Ref, p. 40] She may be the Dorothy who married John Robbins on 30 Nov 1699 in Chelmsford. [Ref]
    1. Elizabeth Robbins was born on 29 Aug 1700 in Chelmsford. [Ref, John and Dorothy] She married Jonas Fletcher after 8 Nov 1722 when their intention was recorded in Chelmsford. [Ref]