The HADDON Family of Salisbury, Essex, MA and Amesbury, Essex, MA Send comments and corrections to
GARRETT HADDON of Salisbury and Amesbury m. Margaret Unknown (d. 1673)
MARY HADDON (d. 1691) m. Henry Blaisdell

Generation 1

GARRETT (JARRETT) HADDON of Salisbury and Amesbury

Parents: Unknown

Children of Garrett Haddon:

Garrett Haddon married Margaret Unknown. [Ref] "Goody Haddon" died on 20 (1) 1672/3 in Amesbury. [Ref]

Garrett in on the 15 May 1634 list of freemen. [Ref]

In the entry for John Bosworth in the Great Migration Begins project, it is noted that the names in the Boston church records appear in the following sequence: Anthony Chaulby, John Boswell, Joseph Reading, Garrett Hadden. In the Massachusetts Bay lists of freemen we have the sequence: Jerad Hadden, Joseph Redding, Anthony Colby, John Bosworth. In addition, Colby, Haddon and Redding all moved from Boston to Cambridge by 1633; Colby moved next to Ipswich (1637) and then Salisbury (1640); Haddon moved next to Salisbury; Redding moved next to Ipswich (1639); all three men were single in 1630. This suggests that the four men were associated in some way; they might not have been 21 in 1630. The latter assertion is also consistent with their marriage dates. This suggests that they may have come to New England together as servants. In the Winthrop fleet, one man, Simon Bradstreet, settled first in Boston, moved to Cambridge and then to Ipswich and was wealthy enough to have servants. Thus, it is is argued that these four young men were from near Simon Bradstreet's home in Horbling, Lincolnshire and came to New England in 1630 as his servants. [Ref]

Garrett was on the trial jury at the 26 (7) 1648 Court at Hampton. [Ref] His name is on a list of the original inhabitants of Salisbury from a town meeting on 3 (12) 1650. [Ref] He was on a Jul 1667 list of those with meeting house seats in Amesbury. [Ref] He signed a 10 (3) 1680 Amesbury petition to the General Court to have Sgt. Samuel Foot be lieutenant of the Amesbury train band. [Ref]

  1. Mary Haddon married Henry Blaisdell.
  2. Sarah Haddon was born on 15 (11) 1639 in Salisbury. [Ref]

Generation 2

MARY HADDON (d. 1691)

Parents: Garrett Haddon and Margaret Unknown

Mary Haddon died on 12 Dec 1691 in Amesbury. [Ref] She married Henry Blaisdell. [Ref]


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