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JOHN GIFFORD (d. 1708) of Sandwich m. Elishua Crowell
ELIZABETH GIFFORD (b. 1664) m. Dea. Israel Tupper

Generation 1



William Gifford had two or three wives. [Ref]

William Gifford of Sandwich was a tailor. [Ref] He became a member of the Society of Friends. [Ref]

Children of William Gifford:

  1. John Gifford married Elishua Crowell.
  2. Hannaniah Gifford married Elizabeth Unknown. [Ref, second son] He left Sandwich as early as 1670, going to New Jersey. [Ref]
  3. Christopher Gifford was born in Jul 1658 in Sandwich. [Ref][Ref] He married Deborah Unknown. 'Deborah Gifford his wife' was born on 2 Apr 1665. [Ref][Ref] Children, born in Sandwich: Meribah ('last day of' Oct 1687, 'Addree' (dau.) (17 1689), Christopher (5 May 1687-29 Mar 1689), Enos (1 Feb 1693/4) [Ref] Mary (6 Oct 1695), Christopher (15 Apr 1698), Deborah (2 Feb 1700) [Ref]
  4. William Gifford (presumed son) married Mary Unknown. Children born in Sandwich: Jonathan (4 May 1684 - 10 Feb 1734/5), James (10 Mar 1685/6 - 20 Sep 1734) [Ref]

Generation 2

JOHN GIFFORD (d. 1708) of Sandwich and Falmouth

Parents: William Gifford [Ref, eldest son]

John Gifford died between 9 Apr and 5 May 1708. He married Elishua Crowell. [Ref]

John lived on Spring Hill in Sandwich, on land willed to him by his father. [Ref]

John Gifford of Sandwich signed his will on 9 Apr 1708. He mentioned his wife Elishua; his eldest son Samuel Gifford; his sons John, Yelverton and William Gifford; his daughter Grace Hoxie; his granddaughter Mary Rowsom; the children of his deceased daughter Elizabeth Tupper. His son Josiah was named executor. His will was proved on 17 May 1708. Inventory was taken on 5 May 1708. [Ref, 3;257-8]

Children of John Gifford and Elishua Growell.

  1. Elizabeth Gifford was born on 25 Feb 1664/5 in Sandwich. She died on 19 Oct 1701. She married Dea. Israel Tupper.
  2. Samuel Gifford was born on 12 Mar 1666 in Sandwich. [Ref] He died on 27 Apr 1738 in Sandwich. [Ref] He married Jane Loring of Sandwich on 2 Nov 1699 in Sandwich. [Ref][Ref] Children, born in Sandwich: Josiah (12 Feb 1700/1)
  3. John Gifford was born on 12 Jun 1668 in Sandwich. [Ref][Ref] He married Desire Sprague on 16 Dec 1702 in Sandwich. [Ref][Ref says 13 Mar 1701/2][Ref says 24 Nov 1696] Desire was the daughter of John and Ruth (Bassett) Sprague and the granddaughter of William Bassett. [Ref] She was born about 1668. [Ref] Children: Weston (1697), Ruth (14 Feb 1699), Samuel (21 Apr 1705). [Ref]
  4. Mary Gifford was born on 9 Oct 1669 in Sandwich. [Ref]
  5. Grace Gifford was born on 17 Aug 1671 in Sandwich. [Ref]
  6. William Gifford was born on 7 (3) 1673 in Sandwich. [Ref] He married Elizabeth Wheaten on 13 Mar 1701/2 in Sandwich. [Ref][Ref] Children born in Sandwich: Benjamin (10 Aug 1703), Nathan (16 Feb 1704/5), Elizabeth (31 May 1710) [Ref]
  7. Yelverton Gifford was born on 22 Apr 1676 in Sandwich. [Ref][Ref]
  8. Josiah Gifford was born on 27 Feb 1681 in Sandwich. [Ref][Ref]

Generation 3


Parents: John Gifford and Elishua Crowell [Ref]

Elizabeth Gifford was born on 25 Feb 1664/5 in Sandwich. [Ref][Ref] Elizabeth, the wife of Israel, died in childbirth on 19 Oct 1701. [Ref][Ref] She married Dea. Israel Tupper about 1690. [Ref]

Elizabeth's grandfather Yelverton Crowe left her livestock in his 12 Dec 1681 will. [Ref]


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Vital Records of the Towns of Barnstable and Sandwich