The GATER Family of Hillmorton, Warkwickshire, England Send comments and corrections to
MICHAEL GATER (m. 1576) of Hillmorton m. Isabel Baylie
JUDITH GATER (bp. 1589) m. John Perkins

Generation 1


Parents: Unknown

Michael Gater married Isabel Baylie on 13 Nov 1576 in Hillmorton. [Ref]

Children of Michael Gater:

  1. Ann Gater (probable older daughter) married Thomas Wright on 29 Jul 1600 in Hillmorton. [Ref]
  2. Judith Gater was baptised on 19 Mar 1588/9 in Hillmorton. She married John Perkins.

Generation 2


Parents: Michael Gater [Ref] and Isabel Baylie

Judith Gater was baptised on 19 Mar 1588/9 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire. [Ref] She married John Perkins on 8 Oct 1608 in Hillmorton. [Ref]

An Elizabeth Gater, who must have been Judith's relative, lived in Ipswich and was the subject of a 28 Apr 1669 court case. Elizabeth Gater deposed that while she was at [Judith's son-in-law] Henry Bennett's house, Elizabeth Lynkhorne came in and said that John Ring would put Elizabeth Gater in jail before Saturday night. She carried Elizabeth Lynkhorne out of the house and shut the door. Elizabeth Lynkhorne testified that she had gone to "her dame Bennet's [Judith's daughter Lydia Perkins's] house" and Elizabeth Gater threw her down on the stones, kicked her and knelt on her. After this, she went back inside and asked Goody Bennett and Benjamin Morgan to witness that Elizabeth Gater had beaten her although she had never struck Elizabeth Gater. Following the incident, Elizabeth Lynkhorne went to get a warrant and, while she was gone, John Ring showed up and said that Elizabeth Lynkhorne had been lying. Lydia Bennett, aged 36, also deposed and Benjamin Morgan testified that Elizabeth Gater had said that she would be the death of Elizabeth Lynkhorne. The court ordered Elizabeth Gater to go to jail for a week, but then changed the sentence to a fine, which was paid by Henry Bennett. [Ref]


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