Some Descendants of William Fletcher (Robert) and Sarah Richardson

William's signature

  1. Sarah Fletcher was born on 26 May 1678 in Chelmsford. [Ref, d. William and Sarah] She died on 10 Jun 1734. [Ref, p. 79] She married Nathaniel Butterfield on 18 Jan 1697/8. [Ref, pp. 72-73, s. Nathaniel and Deborah (Underwood)]
  2. Reuben Fletcher [Ref, p. 53]
  3. Mary Fletcher [Ref, p. 53]
  4. Lydia Fletcher [Ref, p. 53]
  5. Esther Fletcher [Ref, p. 53] was born about 1681. [Ref, p. 38] She married Stephen Pierce on 5 Jan 1707. [Ref, p. 38] Esther was the greatgrandmother of President Franklin Pierce.
  6. Josiah Fletcher was born on 8 Apr 1687 in Chelmsford. [Ref, s. William and Sarah] He died on 30 Jan 1760, age 73, in Chelmsford. [Ref] He married Joanna Spalding. [Ref, p. 53, d. Andrew and Hannah (Jefts) of Chelmsford]
  7. Lieut. William Fletcher was born on 1 Apr 1688 in Chelmsford. [Ref, s. William and Sarah][Ref, p. 53, in 1692] He died on 27 Jan 1742. [Ref, p. 53] He married Tabitha Unknown. [Ref, p. 53] Tabitha was born about 1690. She died on 6 Feb 1741/2, age 52, in Chelmsford. [Ref, wid. William]
    William was a lieutenant in the French and Indian War. [Ref, p. 53]
    1. Tabitha Fletcher (presumed daughter) married Cotton Proctor on 6 Nov 1745 in Chelmsford. [Ref]
    2. Lucy Fletcher (presumed daughter) married William Proctor [Ref] after 9 Jul 1733 (int.) in Chelmsford. [Ref]
  8. Capt. Robert Fletcher was born on 9 Jan 1690 in Chelmsford. [Ref, p. 53] He died on 20 Sep 1773 in Tyngsboro. [Ref, p. 53]
    Robert was a captain in the French and Indian War. [Ref, p. 53]
  9. Ezekiel Fletcher was born on 24 Nov 1694 in Chelmsford. [Ref, p. 53] He died on 17 Jan 1742 in Dunstable, New Hampshire. [Ref, p. 53]
  10. Bethiel Fletcher [Ref, p. 53]
  11. Daniel Fletcher was born in 1697 in Chelmsford. [Ref, p. 53]
    Daniel lived in Tynsboro. [Ref, p. 53]
  12. Deborah Fletcher [Ref, p. 53] was born on 18 Mar 1699 in Chelmsford. [Ref, d. William and Sarah]
  13. Phebe Fletcher [Ref, p. 53] was born on 24 Nov 1700 in Chelmsford. [Ref, d. William and Sarah] She married Joseph Hildreth after 29 Mar 1720 when their intention was recorded [Ref, p. 53] in Chelmsford. [Ref]
  14. Rebecca Fletcher [Ref, p. 53] was born on 29 Jan 1702 in Chelmsford. [Ref] She married Joseph Parker. Joseph's wife Rebecca died on 1 Jan 1792, age 88, in Chelmsford. [Ref]
    "In April 1743 an agreement was reached for the division of Ezekiel Fletcher, late of Nottingham, deceased, to Josiah Fletcher by the heirs of William Fletcher, the heirs of Sarah Butterfield, Lydia Spaulding, Phebe Hildreth and Stephen Peirce, William Fletcher, Remembrance Foster and Rebecca Parker." [Ref]
    On 10 Aug 1757 Josiah Fletcher, yeoman, Mary Fletcher, widow, Esther Peirce, widow, Rebecca Parker, widow, Joseph Moors, yeoman, and Esther wife, Isiah Spaulding, yeoman, Gideon Spaulding, yeoman, Henry Richardson, yeoman, and Priscilla wife, Robert Bates, yeoman, and Lydia wife, William Foster, yeoman, Stephen Fletcher, yeoman, William Fletcher, yeoman, William Proctor, yeoman and Lucy, wife, Thankful Fletcher, spinster, all of Chelmsford, Zacheus Spaulding of Dunstable, yeoman, Joseph Hildreth of Westford, yeoman, and Cotton Proctor of Acton, yeoman, and Tabitha wife of William Bixby of Litchfield, New Hampshire, housewright and Phebe wife of Benjamin Haddock of Dunstable, yeoman, homestead of Ezekiel Fletcher, yeoman, late of Dunstable, deceased. [Ref]