Some Descendants of Joshua Fletcher (Joseph, Joshua, William, Robert) and Elizabeth Raymond of Westford

  1. Levi Fletcher was born on 21 Sep 1756 in Westford. [Ref] He married Jerusha Morton of Athol after 3 Jan 17883, when their intention was recorded in Westford. [Ref]
  2. Lymon Fletcher was born on 12 Jun 1758 in Westford. [Ref] He married Lois Gates of Ashburnham on 20 Apr 1796 in Ashburnham. [Ref]
  3. Joshua Fletcher was born on 27 Feb 1760 [Ref, p. 524] in Westford. [Ref] He died on 14 Apr 1843 in Ashburnham. [Ref, p. 524] He married Lucy Jones on 20 Apr 1815. [Ref, p. 524] Lucy was the daughter of Enos and Mary (Whitmore) Jones. [Ref, p. 524] She was born on 20 May 1799. [Ref, p. 524] She died on 21 Dec 1850 in Rindge, New Hampshire. [Ref, p. 524]
    Joshua was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He was at the Battle of White Plains and the surrender of Burgoyne. [Ref, p. 524] Joshua and Lucy lived in Westford and Ashburnham. [Ref, p. 524]
  4. Paul Raymond Fletcher was born on 30 Aug 1761 in Westford. [Ref]
  5. Isaac Fletcher was born on 26 Oct 1763 in Westford. [Ref] He married Ruth Pierce of Groton on 26 Sep 1784 in Westford. [Ref]
  6. Elizabeth Fletcher was born on 1 Jan 1766 in Westford. [Ref] She married Eleazer Read, Jr. on 4 May 1786 in Westford. [Ref]
  7. Abigail Fletcher was born in Aug 1768 in Westford. [Ref]
  8. Polly Fletcher was born on 23 Apr 1771 in Westford. [Ref] She married Abijah Wright on 7 Sep 1800 in Westford. [Ref]
  9. Sally Fletcher was born on 21 May 1773 in Westford. [Ref]