Some Descendants of Joseph Farwell (Henry, William) and Hannah Learned of Chelmsford

  1. Henry Farwell [Ref, p. 42]
    1. Elizabeth Farwell married Thomas Bancroft. [Ref, p. 42, no first name][Ref, p. 102] Thomas was a descendant of Thomas Bancroft who came from England and settled in Reading. [Ref, p. 102]
      1. Col. Ebenezer Bancroft was born on 1 Apr 1738 [Ref, p. 102] in Tyngsboro. [Ref, p. 42] He died on 22 Sep 1872 [Ref, p. 102] in Tyngsboro. [Ref, p. 42] He married Susanna Fletcher. [Ref, p. 42, d. Joseph and Elizabeth (Underwood)]
        Ebenezer was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He was a captain in Col. Bridge's regiment at Bunker Hill. [Ref, p. 42] He was a major in Col. John Brooks' regiment at White Plains. [Ref, p. 102]
  2. Hannah Farwell was born on 20 Jan 1667/8 in Chelmsford. [Ref, p. 103] Hannah, the wife of Capt. Peter Joslin died on 14 Aug 1739, age 71. [Ref] Hannah married first Samuel Woods on 30 Dec 1685 in Chelmsford. [Ref, p. 103] She is said to be the Hannah who married second as his third wife Capt. Peter Joslin. [Ref, p. 103] Peter was the son of Nathaniel and Sarah (King) Joslin. [Ref] He was born on 22 12 1665 in Lancaster. [Ref] Capt. and Dea. Peter Joslin died at the house of his son John in Leominster on 8 Apr 1759, age 94. [Ref, p. 103] Capt. Peter married first Sarah Howe. He married second Joanna Whitcomb on 26 Dec 1708. [Ref, p. 397] He married fourth Martha (Prescott) Wheeler on 26 Dec 1708. [Ref, p. 103]
    1. Alice Woods was born on 26 Dec 1700 in Groton. [Ref, p. 104] She died on 23 Sep 1784, age 84, in Lancaster. [Ref, p. 104] She married Peter Joslin on 30 Apr 1724 in Lancaster. [Ref]