DAMON Family of Dover, Kent and Dedham, Norfolk, MA


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RICHARD DAMON m. Abigail Gilson
JANE DAMON (b. abt 1626) m. Sgt. John Plympton

Generation 1


Parents: Unknown

Abigail Gilson married first Richard Damon. She married second John Eaton on 5 Apr 1630 in St. James, Dover, Kent. [Ref]

In 1635 Abigail, the wife of John Eaton and widow of Unknown Dammant came to New England on the Elizabeth and Ann with her children Jane Dammand, age 9, Marie Eaton, age 4 and Thomas Eaton, Age 1. Her husband John Eaton and son John Dammant also came to New England and the family settled in Dedham. [Ref]

John Eaton provided for his widow Abigail and left John Dammant of Reading and John Plympton each five pounds in his will, dated 2 (9) 1658. [Ref]

Children of Richard Damon and Abigail Unknown

  1. John Damon
  2. Jane Damon was born about 1626. She married Sgt. John Plympton.

Children of John Eaton and Abigail Gilson:

  1. Mary Eaton was baptised on 20 Mar 1630/1 in St. James, Dover. [Ref] She married James Mason on 5 May 1651. [Ref]
  2. John Eaton was baptised on 7 Oct 1632 in St. James, Dover. [Ref] He was buried on 27 Jan 1633/4 in St. Mary's, Dover. [Ref]
  3. Thomas Eaton was born about 1634. [Ref] He died on 10 Sep 1649 in Dedham. [Ref]
  4. John Eaton married Alice Unknown. [Ref]
  5. Abigail Eaton was born on 6 Jan 1639/40 in Dedham. [Ref] She was baptised on 27 Jan 1639/40 in Dedham. [Ref] She married Robert Mason on 10 Nov 1659. [Ref]
  6. Jacob Eaton was born on 8 Jun 1642 in Dedham. [Ref] He was baptised on 12 Jun 1642 in Dedham. [Ref]

Generation 2

JANE DAMON (b. abt 1626)

Parents: Unknown Damon and Abigail Gilson

Jane Damon was born about 1626. She married first Sgt. John Plympton.

Jane Damat, the daughter of "our sister Eaton" of the church at Watertown was received into the church at Dedham on 4 (10) 1640. [Ref] John Damat joined on 9 (1) 1645. [Ref]



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