Some Descendants of Nathaniel Cummings (John, Isaac) and Abigail Parkhurst of Dunstable, Middlesex, Massachusetts

  1. Nathaniel Cummings [Ref, p. 61] married Elizabeth Unknown. [Ref] Elizabeth was probably Elizabeth Coburn of Dunstable. [Ref]
    1. Capt. Oliver Cummings was born on 10 Apr 1728 in Dunstable. [Ref, p. 61][Ref] He died on 15 Aug 1810, age 83, in Dunstable. [Ref] He married Sybilla Whitney in 1756 in Dunstable. [Ref]
    2. Eleazer Cummings married Hannah Whitney on 26 Nov 1761. [Ref]
      1. Israel Whitney Cummings [Ref]
  2. Capt. John Cummings married Elizabeth French. [Ref, pp. 17 - 19]
    1. Molly Cummings married Joseph Fletcher. [Ref, pp. 17 - 19]