Some Descendants of Elizabeth Crowell and Benjamin Homer of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
  1. John Homer was born on 28 Sep 1724 [Ref, 29;99] in Yarmouth. [Ref] He died on 22 Apr 1799 in Barrington, Nova Scotia. [Ref, 29;99][Ref] He is buried in the Old Meeting Burial Ground in Barrington. [Ref] He married first Abigail Osborn [Ref, p. 7] on 28 Sep 1749 [Ref, 29;99] in Eastham. He married second Hannah Carnes on 2 Jul 1772. [Ref][Ref, "Cairnes"] Hannah, the daughter of John and Sarah Carnes, was born on 28 Sep 1734 in Boston and died on 10 Mar 1786. [Ref, 29;99] "1786 March 10 Hannah Homer 51 years 5 months & 12 days wife to John Homer Esq. from Boston in July 4 1775". [Ref, p. 9] She is buried in the Old Meeting Burial Ground in Barrington. [Ref]
    John was prominent in the Sons of Liberty in 1768 but later became a Loyalist and went to Nova Scotia in 1776. [Ref, 29;99]
    1. Joseph Homer was born on 19 Mar 1757 in Boston. [Ref, 29;99][Ref] He died in 1834 [Ref, 29;99] in Barrington. [Ref, says 1837] He married Mary Atwood in Mar 1779 in Barrington. [Ref, 29;99][Ref]
  2. Margery Homer was born on 13 Jun 1727. [Ref, p. 92] She died on 1 Aut 1795, age 69. [Ref, p. 92] She is buried in West Brewster. [Ref, p. 92] She married first as his second wife Willard Sears on 3 Jan 1765. [Ref, p. 92] She married second Benjamn Higgens of Eastham on 19 Mar 1774. [Ref, p. 92]
  3. Thomas Homer was born on 21 Mar 1736. [Ref, p. 86] He married Elizabeth Sears on 21 Nov 1765 in Yarmouth. [Ref, p. 86, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Crowell)]
    Thomas and Elizabeth moved to Vermont. [Ref, p. 86]
  4. Robert Homer was born on 28 Jan 1742. [Ref, p. 85] He married first Jerusha Sears on 7 Jan 1768. [Ref, p. 85, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Crowell)] She died soon and he married second the widow of John Thacher. [Ref, p. 85]