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BENJAMIN CRISPE (abt 1610 - 1683) of Watertown m. Bridget Unknown
MARY CRISPE, wife of William Green
MERCY CRISPE, wife of Robert Parish

Generation 1

BENJAMIN CRISPE (abt 1610 - 1683) of Groton and Watertown


Benjamin Crispe was born about 1610, based on depositions. [Ref] He died in Watertown in 1683. [Ref] He married first Bridget Unknown by 1636. [Ref] She died in Groton about the time of King Philip's War, perhaps as a result of the raid on Groton. [Ref] He married second Joanna (Goffe?) Longley after 29 Nov 1680. [Ref] Joanna, the widow of William Longley, Sr. died on 18 Apr 1698 in Charlestown. [Ref]

Benjamin was a mason.

Benjamin came to New England in 1631. [Ref] He first lived in Watertown. [Ref] He moved to Groton in 1666. [Ref] He moved back to Watertown in 1681. [Ref]

Anderson [Ref] says, "A 'Mr. Crispe' came on the Plough in 1631 and settled briefly at Watertown, the same year and place where Benjamin Crisp is first seen. This is suggestive, but may be mere coincidence."

A Massachusetts Bay record, dated 22 March 1630/, say, "It is ordered, that Beniamyn Cribb, John Cable, & Morris Trowent shall be whipped for stealing 3 pigs of Mr. Ralfe Glovers". [Ref] Benjamin Crispe deposed in 1656 that 25 years ago he was a servant of Major Gibbons. [Ref] This suggests to Anderson [Ref] that this record for Benjamin Cribb is in fact for our Benjamin Crisp: a servant caught behaving badly with other servants. [Ref]

Benjamin Crispe is on the 6 May 1646 list of freemen. [Ref]

Benjamin was granted twenty acres in Great Dividend in Watertown, 25 July 1636. [Ref] He was granted three acres of plowland on 28 FEb 1636/7 and three acres of meadow on 26 Jun 1637. He was granted a 64-acre farm on 10 May 1642. [Ref]

On 25 September 1666, Benjamin Crispe of Watertown, mason, and Bridget Crispe, his wife, sold land to Thomas Boyden of Groton. [Ref]

On 13 April 1681, the Watertown selectmen ordered that Benjamin Crispe have "the charge of the meeting house committed to him to sweep and ring the bell and what else is needful to be done to fasten the doors and windows when the exercise is done". [Ref]

Children of Benjamin Crispe and Bridget Unknown

  1. Elizabeth Crispe was born on 8 (11) 1636 in Watertown. [Ref] She died on 28 May 1681. [Ref] She married George Lawrence on 19 Sep 1657 in Watertown. [Ref] George married second Elizabeth Holland on 16 Aug 1691. [Ref] George and Elizabeth Crispe had a large family. [Ref]
    some descendants of Elizabeth Crispe
  2. Mary Crispe was born on 20 (3) 1638 in Watertown. She married William Green.
  3. Jonathan Crispe was born on 29 (11) 1639 in Watertown. [Ref] He was a soldier in King Philip's War. [Ref] He died before 25 Oct 1680, when his father administered his estate. [Ref]
    Jonathan was an original proprietor of Groton. [Ref, p. 26]
  4. Eleazer Crispe was born on 14 (11) 1641 in Watertown. [Ref]
  5. Zachariah Crispe was a soldier in King Philip's War. [Ref] He had an illegitimate child with, but did not marry, Mary Stanwood. [Ref]
  6. Mehitable Crispe was born on 21 Jan 1645/6. [Ref]
  7. Mercy Crispe married Robert Parish.
  8. Deliverance Crispe was born about 1650, based on a deposition. [Ref] She married William Longley, Jr. of Groton by 1674. [Ref]

Generation 2


Parents: Benjamin Crispe and Bridget Unknown [Ref]

Mary Crispe was born on 20 (3) 1638 in Watertown. [Ref] She married William Green by 1661. [Ref]


Parents: Benjamin Crispe and Bridget Unknown [Ref]

Mercy Crispe married Robert Parish on 11 Apr 1667 in Chelmsford. [Ref]


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