Descendants of Peter Brackett (Peter) and Priscilla Unknown of Braintree

  1. Hanna Brackett was born in Braintree. [Ref] She died on (15) (4) 1657 in Braintree. [Ref]
  2. Mary Brackett was born on 11th mo. 12 1660 in Braintree. [Ref]
  3. Joseph Brackett died on 11th mo. 24 1661 [Ref]
  4. Ruth Brackett was born on 9 mo. 23. 1660. [Ref]
  5. Priscilla Brackett married as his second wife Capt. Nathaniel Reynolds. [Ref, p. 652] She died on 22 Jan 1744 in Bristol. Ref] Nathaniel was born about 1727. [Ref, p. 652] He died on 10 Jul 1708 in Bristol. [Ref, p. 652][Ref, "suddenly"] He married first Sarah, the daughter of John Dwight of Dedham. [Ref, p. 652]
    Nathaniel was probably called "Capt." for his service in King Philip's War. [Ref, p. 652] He was a shoemaker. [Ref, p. 652] He moved to Bristol in 1680. [Ref, p. 652]
    1. Ruth Reynolds was born on 9 Dec 1688. [Ref, p. 652] She married Josiah Cary [Ref, p. 652] on 9 Nov 1710 in Bristol. [Ref, p. 70]