The BARNES Family of Salisbury, Essex, MA and Amesbury, Essex, MA


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WILLIAM BARNES (d. 1698) m. Rachel Unknown (d. 1686)
MARY BARNES m. John Hoyt

Generation 1



William Barnes died on 14 Mar 1697/8. [Ref, p. 123] He married Rachel Unknown. [Ref, p. 123] SHe died on 9 Feb 1685/6. [Ref, p. 123]

William Barnes was an original settler of Salisbury. [Ref, p. 123] He was a house carpenter. [Ref, p. 123]

William signed his will on 7 Apr 1696; it was proved on 28 Sep 1698. [Ref, p. 123]

Childen of William Barnes

  1. Mary Barnes married John Hoyt.
  2. William Barnes died on 11 Jun 1648. [Ref, p. 123]
  3. Hannah Barnes was born on 25 Jan 1643/4. [Ref, p. 123] She died on 27 May 1688. [Ref, p. 123] She married John Prowse. [Ref, p. 123]
  4. Deborah Barnes was born on 1 Apr 1646. [Ref, p. 123] She married Samuel Davis on 19 Dec 1663. [Ref, p. 123]
  5. Jonathan Barnes was born on 1 Apr 1648. [Ref, p. 123] He probably died young. [Ref, p. 123]
  6. Rachel Barnes was born on 30 Apr 1649. [Ref, p. 123] She married Thomas Sargeant on 2 Mar 1667/8. [Ref, p. 123]
  7. Sarah Barnes married first Thomas Rowell on 8 Sep 1670. [Ref, p. 123] She married second John Harvey. [Ref, p. 123]
    some descendants of Sarah Barnes
  8. Rebecca Barnes married Moses Morrell. [Ref, p. 123]

Generation 2


Parents: William Barnes and Rachel Unknown [Ref, p. 123]

Mary Barnes married John Hoyt [Ref, p. 20] on 23 Jun 1659 in Salisbury. [Ref, Mary's first name is missing and the year is inferred]

Mary received her father's "great farm or lott" in his will. [Ref, p. 123]


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