Some Descendants of Susanna Atwood (Joseph, Joshua, Joseph, Stephen, Stephen) and Jacob Spinney of Argyle, Nova Scotia

  1. Joseph Spinney was born on 11 Jun 1797 in Argyle. [Ref] He married Ann Roberts Goodwin on 19 Jan 1823 in Argyle. [Ref] Ann, the daughter of William Goodwin and Joanna Roberts, was born on 15 May 1799 in Argyle and died in Colchester, N.S. [Ref]
  2. James Spinney was born on 28 Sep 1799 in Argyle. He died on 24 Jun 1890 in Argyle. [Ref] He married first Hannah Banks on 31 Dec 1823 [Ref, p. 740] in Barrington. [Ref] He married second Deborah Hamilton on 23 Dec 1828. [Ref] Deborah, the daughter of William Hamilton and Patience Morton, was born on 6 Jun 1801 in Argyle and died on 10 Jan 1875 in Argyle. [Ref]
  3. Freeman Spinney was born on 10 Oct 1801 in Argyle. He died on 25 Jul 1887 in Argyle. [Ref] He married Ruth Atwood on [Ref, p. 433] on 22 Dec 1825. [Ref]
  4. Ebenezer Spinney was born on 28 Dec 1807 in Argyle. He died on 31 Jan 1894 in Argyle. [Ref] He married Rhoda Unknown on 15 Jan 1833 in Argyle. [Ref] Rhoda was born on 26 Apr 1811 in Argyle and died on 4 Apr 1888 in Argyle. [Ref]
  5. Jeremiah Spinney was born on 24 Jun 1810 in Argyle. He died on 5 Mar 1839 in Barrington. [Ref] He married Matilda McLarren on 12 Jan 1836 in Barrington. Matilda, the daughter of Charles McLarren and Jerusha Hamilton, was born on 11 Oct 1808 in Barrington and died on 10 Jul 1898 in Barrington. [Ref] She is buried in the Arcadia Cemetery, Arcadia. [Ref]