Some Descendants of Ruth Atwood (Joseph, Joshua, Joseph, Stephen, Stephen) and Benjamin Nickerson of Barrington

  1. James Nickerson was born on 29 Aug 1793 in Barrington. [Ref] He died on 29 May 1864 in Port LaTour. [Ref] He married Rachel Smith on 30 Oct 1815 in Barrington. Ruth, the daughter of Samuel Smith and Ruth Swaine, was born on 28 Aug 1793 in Port LaTour and died on 10 Jun 1874 in Port LaTour.
  2. Lumbard Nickerson was born on 13 Nov 1795 in Barrington. [Ref]
  3. Penina Jemima Nickerson was born on 15 Jun 1798 in Barrington. [Ref] She married Benjamin Kirby Doty on 7 Aug 1821 in Barrington. Benjamin, the son of Thomas Doty and Ann Crowell, was born on 23 Dec 1790 on Cape Sable Island.
  4. Joshua A. Nickerson was born on 2 Oct 1800 in Barrington. [Ref] He died on 6 Feb 1870 on Cape Sable Island. He married Rebecca Ross on 5 Nov 1824 in Barrington.
  5. Atwood Nickerson was born on 8 Jul 1803 in Barrington. [Ref] He was lost at sea. [Ref]
  6. Heber Nickerson was born on 14 Sep 1812 in Barrington. [Ref] He married Elizabeth Nickerson on 2 Nov 1837 in Barrington. [Ref]
  7. Andrew Nickerson was born on 4 Mar 1814 in Barrington. [Ref]
  8. Jacob Nickerson was born on 18 Sep 1819 in Barrington. [Ref] He died on 14 Apr 1870 in Clam Point on Cape Sable Island. [Ref]