Some Descendants of Mercy Atwood (Joseph, Joshua, Joseph, Stephen, Stephen) and John Spinney of Barrington

Smithville and Port LaTour are communities in Barrington. Clyde River is a community in Shelburne, Shelburne county, Nova Scotia.

  1. Sophia Spinney was born on 3 Sep 1806 in Barrington. [Ref] She married Nathaniel Smith on 6 Jan 1831 in Barrington. [Ref] Nathaniel, the son of Nathaniel Smith and Susanna Spinney was born on 17 Jul 1808 in Barrington and died in 1891 in Smithville. [Ref]
    1. Nathaniel John Smith was born in Barrington and died before 1881 in Port LaTour. [Ref] He married Sarah Crowell, the daughter of Robert Barry Crowell and Sarah Penney. [Ref] She was born on 24 Aug 1824 in Barrington and died after 1881. [Ref]
      1. Susan Sophia Smith was born on 20 Dec 1857 in Port LaTour. [Ref] She died in 1904. [Ref] She married William Henry Atwood [Ref, p. 435] on 20 Dec 1876 in Port LaTour. [Ref]
  2. Curtis Abraham Spinney was born in 1807 in Barrington. [Ref] He died on 2 Oct 1887 in Port LaTour. [Ref] He married Priscilla Zillah Atkinson in Port LaTour. [Ref]
  3. Deborah Spinney was born on 17 Sep 1814 in Barrington. [Ref] She married Thomas Lyle on 26 Jan 1841 in Port LaTour. [Ref] Thomas, the son of John Lyle and Sarah Spinney, was born in Clyde River. [Ref]
  4. Priscilla Spinney was born on 2 Apr 1820 in Barrington. [Ref] She died on 26 Oct 1908 in Barrington. [Ref] She is buried in the Old Salem Chapel Cemetery in Port LaTour. [Ref]
  5. John Spinney was born on 17 Apr 1823 in Barrington. [Ref] He married Susanna Lyle on 21 Jan 1816 in Clyde River. [Ref] Susanna was the sister of John's sister Deborah's husband Thomas Lyle.