Some Descendants of Elizabeth "Betty" Atwood (Joseph, Joshua, Joseph, Stephen, Stephen) and Thomas Doane of Barrington

  1. Lettice Doane was born on 13 Jul 1795 in Barrington. [Ref] She died on 21 May 1871 in Cape Sable Island. [Ref] She married Richard Nickerson on 7 Jun 1813 in Barrington. [Ref]
    1. Thomas Nickerson was born on 25 Nov 1813 in Barrington, N.S. [Ref] He died on 7 Sep 1873 in Port LaTour. [Ref] He married Sarah Smith. [Ref] Sarah, the daughter of Zara Smith and Mercy Harding, was born on May 1808 in Barrington, N.S. and died on Aug 1872 in Port LaTour. [Ref]
      1. Joseph Nickerson was born on 16 Oct 1840 in Baccaro. [Ref] He died on 22 Sep 1905 in Baccaro. [Ref] He married Mary Alice Atwood. [Ref]