The ANNABLE Family of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, Scituate, Plymouth, MA and Barnstable, Barnstable, MA


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ANTHONY ANNABLE (d. 1674) of Cambridge, Plymouth, Scituate and Barnstable m. Ann Elcock or Clark (d. aft. 1678)
DESIRE ANNABLE (1653 - 1706), wife of John Barker 2

First Generation

ANTHONY ANNABLE (d. 1674) of Cambridge, Plymouth, Scituate and Barnstable

Parents: Unknown

Anthony Annable died between 23 April 1674, when he wrote a codicil to his will, and 4 June 1674, when his will was probated, in Barnstable. [Ref] He married first Jane Moumford on 26 Apr 1619 in All Saints, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. She was buried on 13 Dec 1643 in the Calves pasture in Barnstable. [Ref][Ref] He married second Ann Elcock or Clark on 3 Mar 1644 or 1 Mar 1645 in Barnstable. [Ref][Ref] In his will of 25 June 1672, Thomas Shaw of Barnstable left to "Ann Annible, the wife of Anthony Annible" his bed and all his bedding. [Ref] On 30 Oct 1677 Ann was fined 70s. for selling of beer without a license. [Ref][Ref] She was living on 30 Oct 1678, when she was named in the settlement of her son Samuel's estate. [Ref]

On the basis of the books that appear in the inventory of his estate and his public offices, Anthony appears to have been a well educated man. [Ref]

Anthony came to New England from Cambridge in 1623 on the Anne. [Ref] He first lived in Plymouth. [Ref] He was granted four acres in the 1623 land division. [Ref] He was taxed in Plymouth on 25 Mar 1633 and on 27 Mar 1634. [Ref] He is in the Plymouth section of of 1633 list of freemen. [Ref] He sold his house and garden plot in Plymouth to Daniel Ray on 9 Jun 1630. [Ref]

Anthony moved to Scituate in 1633 [Ref] and was one of the "men of Kent" who first settled the town. He was one of four men to receive an initial grant of land. By the end of September 1634 he built a "small plain pallizadoe" house at Scituate. [Ref] Anthony and Jane were the fourth and fifth founding members of the Scituate church on 8 Jan 1634/5. [Ref]

Anthony moved with Rev. Lothrop to Barnstable. [Ref] He is on a 1637 list of freemen under both Scituate (where his name is crossed out) and Barnstable. [Ref] On 29 Sep 1639, Anthony Annable, a planter of Barnstable, sold his house and lands to Thomas Rawlins of Scituate. [Ref] He is in the Barnstable section of the 1643 list of those able to bear arms. [Ref] On 5 Mar 1660/1 he was given permission to purchase land at Saconeesett. [Ref] On 1 Jun 1669 he was granted "competent accommodation of land" at Teticut. [Ref]

Anthony was Constable for Scituate on 1 Jan 1633/4 and 1 Jan 1634/5. He was on the committee on trade on 1 Oct 134; the committee to reform colony laws on 4-5 Oct 1636 and 4 Jun 1645. He was on the jury on 4-5 Oct 1636; the Plymouth petit jury on 6 Mar 1637/8, 2 Mar 1640/1 and 1 Mar 1641/2; the Plymouth coroner's jury on 15 Mar 1657/8. He was the Scituate deputy on 4 Jun 1639; he was the Barnstable deputy 16 times between 2 Jun 1640 and 3 Jun 1657. He was on the committee for the defense of Barnstable on 10 Oct 1643 and the committee on taxes on 2 Jun 1646. [Ref]

In his will, dated 24 Feb 1672, Anthony Annable mentions his wife Ann; his son, Samuel; his daughter Desire. He left each of his (unnamed) daughters 12 d. [Ref]

Children of Anthony Annable and Jane Moumford:

  1. Sarah Annable married Henry Ewell on 22 or 23 Nov 1638 in Marshfield. [Ref]
  2. Hannah Annable was born in 1623 in Plymouth. [Ref] She married Thomas Bourman on 10 Mar 1645/6 or 3 March 1644 or 1 March 1645. [Ref][Ref: 1 Mar 1645, the same day her father remarried?]
  3. Susanna Annable was born about 1630. [Ref] She married William Hatch on 13 May 1652 in Scituate. [Ref]
  4. Daughter Annable was buried on 8 Apr 1635 in Scituate. [Ref]
  5. Deborah Annable was baptised on 7 May 1637 in Scituate. [Ref]

Children of Anthony Annable and Ann Elcock or Clark:

  1. Samuel Annable was born about 22 Jan 1646 in Barnstable. [Ref][Ref] He was baptised on 8 Feb 1645/6 in Barnstable. [Ref] He married Mehitable Allyn on 1 Jun 1667 in Barnstable. [Ref][Ref] Mehitable was the daughter of Thomas Allyn. [Ref]
  2. Isaac Annable was baptised on 29 Apr 1649 in Barnstable. [Ref]
  3. Desire Annable was born about the beginning of Oct 1653 in Barnstable. She was baptised on 16 Oct 1653. She died on 24 Jul 1706. She married John Barker 2.

Second Generation

DESIRE ANNABLE (1653-1706)

Parents: Anthony Annable and Ann Elcock or Clark

Desire Annable was born about the beginning of Oct 1653 [Ref] in Barnstable. [Ref] She was baptised on 16 Oct 1653. [Ref] She died on 24 Jul 1706. [Ref] She married John Barker 2 on 18 Jan 1677 in Barnstable. [Ref][Ref]



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