Some Descendants of Ruth Turner (John, Humphrey)

Descendants of Ruth and Thomas Prince

  1. Thomas Prince was born in 1686. [NENS, p. 5_2] He married Judith Fox in 1729. [NENS, p. 5_2]
  2. James Prince was born in 1687. [NENS, p. 5_2] He married Deborah Robinson in 1716. [NENS, p. 5_2]
  3. Ruth Prince was born in 1690. [NENS, p. 5_2] She died young. [NENS, p. 5_2]
  4. Benjamin Prince was born on 28 Feb 1693/4 in Scituate. [NENS, p. 5_2] He died on 5 Dec 1737 in Yarmouth, Maine. [NENS, p. 5_2] He married Abiel Nelson on 1 Apr 1717. [NENS, p. 5_2]
    Benjamin was a shipwright. [NENS, p. 5_2] He lived in Duxbury and later moved to Yarmouth, Maine. [NENS, p. 5_2]
    1. Ruth Prince was born on 20 Jan 1730. [NENS, p. 5_2] She was baptised on 28 Feb 1731. [NENS, p. 5_2] She married James Robbins on 20 Mar 1749 in Duxbury. [NENS, p. 5_2] James was the son of Jeduthan Robbins and Rebecca Crocker. [NENS, p. 5_2]
      James and his brother Benjamin went to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in 1762. [NENS, p. 5_2]
    2. Benjamin Prince died in 1758 while on the Louisburg Expedition. [NENS, p. 5_2]
    3. John Prince died and was buried on 26 Jul 1758 in the Bay of Fundy. [NENS, p. 5_2] He had gone on the Louisburg Expedition. [NENS, p. 5_2]
  5. Job Prince was born in 1695. [NENS, p. 5_2] He married Abigail Kimball in 1722. [NENS, p. 5_2] Abigail, the daughter of Capt. Christopher and Sarah (Jolls) Kimball, was born in Boston in 1704. [NENS, p. 5_2]
    1. Christopher Prince was born in 1731. [NENS, p. 5_2] He married Mollie Foster in 1757. [NENS, p. 5_2] Mollie was the daughter of Hopestill Foster of Boston. [NENS, p. 5_2]
      Christopher was a wealthy shipmaster in Boston. [NENS, p. 5_2] He went to Digby county, Nova Scotia. [NENS, p. 5_2]

Descendants of Ruth and Israel Sylvester

  1. Ruth Sylvester married first Francis Cook. [NENS, p. 5_2] Francis was the son of Francis and Elizabeth (Lathem) Cook. [NENS, p. 5_2] He drowned on 4 May 1724 in Plymouth. [NENS, p. 5_2] She married second Samuel Ring. [NENS, p. 5_2]
    1. Capt. George Ring of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia [NENS, p. 5_2]
      1. Louisa Ring married Ephraim Cook of Yarmouth. [NENS, p. 5_2]


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