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WILLIAM ALLEN (d. 1686) of Salisbury m. Ann Goodale

HANNAH ALLEN (1642 - 1729) m. Peter Ayer

First Generation

WILLIAM ALLEN (d. 1686) of Salisbury

Parents: Unknown

William Allen died on 18 Jun 1686. [Ref][Ref] He married first Ann Goodale. [Ref][Ref] She died the last of May 1678. [Ref] He married second Alice, the widow of John Roper and of John Dickison. [Ref] "A widow Alice d. 1 April, 87, perhaps second wife". [Ref]

William was a carpenter in Salisbury in 1649. [Ref] He was in Boston in 1649. [Ref] He was a house carpenter of Salisbury in 1656. [Ref]

A William Allen is on an 18 May 1642 list of freemen. [Ref] William is on a list of the original inhabitants of Salisbury from a town meeting on 3 (12) 1650. [Ref]

On 9 (2) 1650 William was sworn constable of Salisbury. [Ref]

William was sued at the 14 (2) 1668 Salisbury court by Moses Bradstreet and Nathaniel Elithorpe for trespassing. Initially, he was successfully defended by his son-in-law Peter Ayer, but on review the court found for the plaintiffs. [Ref]

Children of William Allen and Ann Goodale. Their births are given in [Ref][Ref].

  1. Ann (Abigail) Allen was born 4 (11) 1639. [Ref says that her name is Abigail] She married Henry, the son of John Wheeler, about 1659. [Ref] She was a member of the Salisbury church in 1687. [Ref] She was a widow of Boston in 1696. [Ref]
  2. Hannah Allen was born on 17 (4) 1642. She died on 22 Dec 1727. She married Cornet Peter Ayer.
  3. Mary Allen was born on 29 (5) 1644. She married Unknown Hughes.
  4. Martha Allen was born in 1646. She married Unknown Hubbard. In a 8 (8) 1679 deposition at the court in Hampton, Martha Hubbard of Salisbury refered to Richard Allen as her brother. She refered to Richard's sister Mary Hughes, his bretheren Joseph and Jeremy and his brother Peter Ayer. She said that Richard intended to leave most of his estate to Mary and the rest to Joseph and Jeremy. He left a chest and its contents to Peter's son Samuel. [Ref]
  5. Lieut. John Allen was born on 9 (8) 1648. He died on 27 Feb 1696/7. [Ref] He married the widow Mary Andros on 24 Aug 1674. [Ref] She died on 28 Apr 1695. [Ref] John and Mary had six children. [Ref]
  6. William Allen, Jr. was born on 2 (8) 1650. He died on 10 May 1700. [Ref][Ref] He married Mary, the daughter of John Harris of Rowley, [Ref] on 5 May 1674. [Ref] William and Mary had eight children. [Ref] He took the oath of allegiance in Salisbury on 18 Dec 1667. [Ref]
    some descendants of William Allen
  7. Benjamin Allen was born in 1652. He married (the widow?) Rachel Wheeler on 3 Sep 1686. [Ref] Benjamin and Rachel had four children. [Ref]
  8. Joseph Allen was born on 13 (8) 1653.
  9. Richard Allen was born on 8 (9) 1655. [Ref says 8 Nov 1656] He died on 8 Jun 1678. [Ref]
  10. Ruth Allen was born on 19 (12) 1657.
  11. Jeremiah Allen was born on 17 (12) 1658. He married Ann Bradbury in 1686. [Ref]

Second Generation

HANNAH ALLEN (1642 - 1729)

Parents: William Allen and Ann Goodale

Hannah Allen was born on 17 (4) 1642. [Ref][Ref] She died on 22 Dec 1729. [Ref] She married Cornet Peter Ayer on 8 Oct 1659 in Salisbury. [Some references say 1 Nov but the town records say 8 Oct. These records are torn and Hannah's first name is missing, as is the year, which I suppose is inferred from the location in the records.] [Ref][Ref][Ref][Ref] She did not remarry after Peter's death. [Ref]


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